Fragrant Bait 孫子兵法

Thanksgiving marks the time of year where we, as a collective, celebrate life with family and friends. It takes place in environments filled with our favorite foods and drinks as we commiserate and fellowship with those most dear or connected to US. It is also a time to express thanks and gratitude for all that we’ve been given, shared or even overcome. We finally get an opportunity to reconnect and put side past/present interpersonal human infractions understanding that most of it means very little in the grand scheme of things anyway. Embodying the spirit of forgiveness, however, does not necessarily equate to full reconciliation but we can often coexist with civility choosing to enjoy and celebrate together for one day in peace and harmony.


Family is more than blood. It’s the everyday people you
want and choose to share in your life’s journey.
Photo by Karan Mandre on UnsplashOK ..

Okay ..we get it … now chill the f**k out. LOL

So today, I wish to express my extreme sense of gratitude this holiday season for life itself and all of YOU. My tribe, those who supported and challenged me directly with positive energy and criticism, have been invaluable. I am also grateful for people and events that triggered me negatively. Fragrant Bait comes in many different and provocative forms to flavor this life making it interesting, tasty and colorful. We definitely grow from all experiences and lessons no matter how wonderful or difficult. So thank YOU for all of it and remember the old  saying – – “It’s not what happens to you but what you do with it”  – – that matters the most. 

Something has been said!

We can coexist in peace and harmony this holiday season.

YOU have definitely CHANGED me tribe (hopefully for the better) and I intend to use every scrumptious “dish” for a purpose yet to be “unveiled.” Did I remotely impact or influence YOU?!? Perhaps not but I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my musings and ramblings this 3ACT. The only question resonating for me the remaining 2021 is related the new Fragrant Bait awaiting an entrance. We must be cautious tho cause when it appears there is sure to be a hooked fish on the end. All one can do in preparation is to welcome everything with a grateful h^art and savor each delicious morsel (no matter how meaty or bony, sweet or spicy, sautéed or blackened) while completing your life’s path and purpose (certainly not perfect but divinely orchestrated, enticing, fulfilling, and possibly Nu).


Thx MC Justice!

Fragrant Bait still awaits tribe.

I know who hears me and will order my steps.
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