The devil in command

Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights

All i am, is a sinner full of lies

and a giver of demise,

skin thinner than a guise 

A beginner would devise

So my shiver it implies

that the shimmer in your eyes

Is now bitter and cold

like the simmer of a sigh

Like a liver about to die

Full of liquor on a high

even dimmer than a sky 

full of killer butterflies

Maybe one day you’ll drown

In a river of my cries

You know exactly who I am

I’m the devil in command

I’m the karma that you’re due

From each and every broken man

The ****** knife in my hand

I took it out from behind

Where you’ve buried it deep

with every vicious demand

Would you be able to stand

That same knife in your back?

Or just fade into black

while your body start to slack?

I’ll be the karma that you’re due 

coming back to attack

I can do it I promise

But I’ll take a step back

Because I’ve learned to forgive 

despite all that I lack.

… … …

Written By Ali Yousef

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