“There is a lesson, story, or book in all of us but too many don’t tell it.”

Welcome to 3ACTunveiled

3ACTunveiled is an informational website that focuses on the external and internal indoctrination systems designated with the important task of shaping the identities of children. At its core, 3ACTunveiled will describe aspects of our collective brainwashing, resulting in the misunderstandings and blind spots we have about ourselves and about the servant leaders charged with guiding the next generation.

We have all been uniquely mis-educated, providing the foundation for a false or incomplete understanding of who we are, as well as our potential greatness and true value. This website will unveil what might be hiding in the shadows of our individual and collective psyches. My experiences as a new teacher within our modern educational system, my familial story, and personal experiences and interests provide the framework for examining these issues. My goal is to share observations, lessons and mistakes truthfully with as much insight, empathy, and wisdom as possible so as to stimulate a dialogue. Perhaps we can identify misconceptions and potential solutions to some of the challenges referenced and gain a better understanding of self and how to help support the next generation.

The content on this website is based upon my interpretations of experiences and events. I encourage each person to develop their own opinions and conclusions. Since there is a difference between fact versus opinion, I’ve learned that many beliefs once held needed to be re-evaluated for accuracy of interpretation. Yet, one’s inner knowing and wisdom can transcend opinion. So to all my visitors, “welcome.” Take what resonates for you.  Reject what does not. I respect your decision either way.

“I will not apologize, I will not apologize
I will not apologize, I will not apologize
This is for all of my peoples who understand and truly recognize
Some won’t get it for that I won’t apologize”
~The Roots