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Thank you for visiting 3ACTunveiled. We appreciate your time and hope you’ve gained some insight into one of the indoctrination systems (educational, familial and societal). Even if you disagree with the content, it is always beneficial to hear different viewpoints. Either it will strengthen your existing belief or it will influence you to alter or adopt one that is more appropriate for your greater good.

In reality, none of us is perfect or normal. We are each unique with a different life perspective and a range of experiences, both positive and negative, that have shaped our identity. We hope that 3ACTunveiled has challenged you to, at the very least, question some of your beliefs that may not serve your best interest. One of my favorite spiritualists teaches that we are all here to experience our own soul’s growth and evolution. It is time to RELOOK, RELEASE, RETHINK, and REIMAGINE who we can be. Perhaps if we really shared what is unique about us including our mistakes, we would allow others to do the same without shame or fear. We could then begin to shine freely and become our divine, authentic selves.

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