Justice u/n/v/e/i/l/e/d

April Fools’ Day falls on the first of the month. Its historical roots are uncertain but the holiday is generally thought of as a time for practical jokes, for better or worse. Most are usually harmless. The same intention still resonates in 2020 but perhaps more than ever, the joke is really on us. The punchline is much more serious this time. As a collective, Lady Justice seems to be rearing her beautiful head to cast judgment on humanity holding us accountable (responsible with consequences) for our actions. 

Justice is here.

*Reward *Return *Payment *Recompense *Gift

Are you balanced in mind, body and soul? 
Did you treat others as you would want done to 
you or someone you loved?

We may all be asked to account for our past choices (decisions and non-actions) and the impact they’ve had on ourselves, others and the world. For example, how did you react during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)? Were you fair, honest or principled in your efforts to provide for your safety and the well being of others? Did you overreact and panic allowing fear to justify your greed, selfishness, and cruelty during this life changing world wide event? Perhaps you turned inward to your faith in a higher power or reconnected to your interest in science to understand this world health crisis? Did you sacrifice and practice social distancing for the sake of everyone?

*Fairness *Equity *Fair Play *Honor *Objectivity

*Honesty *Righteousness *Trustworthiness

*Incorruptibility *Uprightness


All of our actions will unveil aspects of our values and character. What will be your score as a human, thus far? How will the justice scales balance for you?

Justice is here. 

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash
Injustice Guilt Dishonor Corruption Cruelty Envy Exploitation 
Bias Iniquity Jealousy Misdeed Offense Disgrace Wrong Manipulation

Caution: Life can be both sweet and bitter (high and low vibration).  April’s content will present truthful expressions of our collective human experience. Justice is here. Prepare to be triggered.

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