Yin & Yang

Day and night, push and pull, light and dark. Two opposing forces that intertwine their destinies. Forces that compliment one another,     complete one another,           don’t compete for control,               create a balanced interaction. * Fire must be allowed to breathe, just likeContinue reading “Yin & Yang”

Yin And Yang V

* For you to reach enlightenment you must first walk through the darkness to reach the light Then you must learn to balance the darkness and the light * Written by NewAgeOfAnarchy


^^^ It’s just the forces colliding. Bravery and fear, depression and happiness. Just flickering over and over. While i watch, conflicted on which side to join.  Yin or yang… Both sides beautiful in twisted ways. . The dark, sheltering my fears of outside.  As if lulling me into a false state of calm. The light,Continue reading Yin-yang

Yin Yang

Abstract yin with         ebony yang, capturing my essence as the conceptual                     picture sang. . I see blurs and blotches,   black and white swatches. Convulsing splatter,   in this element of matter. . Granite covered world          Continue reading Yin Yang

Yin And Yang**

* We all have demons within us. two sides in each of us, yin and yang. the darkness and the light, order and chaos. the killer and the hero. * Written by NewAgeOfAnarchy