RE-writing AMERICAN HIS-story

Salon Discussion #7  We are currently witnessing the greatest civics lesson while our government is investigating the American insurrection that occurred following the 2020 presidential election. It is quite extraordinary and almost unbelievable that such an event would even occur on these united shores. Yet – it did happen before the entire world with theContinue reading “RE-writing AMERICAN HIS-story”

Mass Shootings …. Only in America

Salon Discussion#6 Schools are an intersection of humanity comprised of every ethnicity, age, gender, class and everything else in between. At this critical point in HIS-story, what more should be said about the need for making schools SAFE for children and teachers? Do we need to now teach children how to become “bullet proof” inContinue reading “Mass Shootings …. Only in America”


As humans, we can all use different psychological defense mechanisms to protect our egos and feelings when triggered – – guilt, shame, hurt, angry, jealous, envious etc. The one most mentioned in today’s lexicon is the word – projection. Psychological projection is a common behavior in which someone attributes their own character traits, emotions, intentions,Continue reading “Projection”

Are Geniuses Born or Made?

Salon discussion #5 The study of neuroscience and how the brain learns has fascinated me the most during my educational experience. There is still so much to “unveil” in this field that it remains an evolving mystery as to our brain’s complete functionality and capacity even today. Even scientists still don’t fully understand the complexitiesContinue reading “Are Geniuses Born or Made?”


Because I know who I am,I’m at ease and free.I can’t be like others,And they can’t be me. I’ve got fading scars,An unusual physique,But it all works togetherTo make me unique. I’ve got hidden strengths,Some obvious flaws.Still I am who I am,For better, for worse. I don’t have to blend in;I won’t live a lie.IContinue reading “Unique”