Time For Change

2021 will be the year of massive change as our indoctrination systems (educational, familial and societal) are forced to evolve within the framework of COVID-19. The inherent weaknesses, faulty structures, calcified approaches, unimaginative narratives can no longer be hidden as the “unveiling” has already commenced. In other words, the ineffective systems  – – not simplyContinue reading “Time For Change”

Lady Heron Soars

Something has been said parable: Lady Heron soars with grace across the horizon free and fully awakened. Is there anything more magnificent, radiant – – or powerful? Destiny awaits feeling her arrival. The EMPRESS is ready to co-create once more.   ***+***+***

RIP Empress Tyson

We lost an EMPRESS yesterday. Some women are born into royalty with a crown as their birthright while others seemingly earn it by being inherently divinely royal. Ms. Cecily Tyson, actress, philanthropist and agent provocateur, represented such a woman who was undeniably a Divine Feminine – – complete in her glory always showcasing impeccable grace,Continue reading “RIP Empress Tyson”

the end! … next!?!

Democracy was attacked directly this week in such a way as to cross political affiliation, racial identity and gender alike rattling the most sacred and entrenched foundational principles held by most Americans. Democracy, the system of government guiding our country, was severely tested with American ideals being dragged into the gutter on the world stage. Yet,Continue reading “the end! … next!?!”