Squid Game Lessons

This website, 3actunveiled.com, is dedicated to unveiling the issues inherently related to how we, the collective, have been indoctrinated by our educational, familial and societal systems. As a result, we often review universals life lessons connected to these systems especially those so often negated or rejected in our current culture. Today’s post is just aContinue reading “Squid Game Lessons”

Colorism’s Story Runs Skin Deep

Skin, a Netflix documentary discussing the issues related to colorism and skin bleaching in Nigeria, appeared on my TV screen while searching for another program. It triggered my interest immediately since this is a consistent topic on this website. After viewing the documentary, I found its subject matter interesting but also tragic. The same storyContinue reading “Colorism’s Story Runs Skin Deep”

Outta Know Better … But Don’t

+++ Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Bible Luke 23:34  +++ We have all heard some version of this biblical quote but just how easy it is really to forgive grown people who outta know better. This sentiment rang loudly in my brain recently while reviewing old events that stung meContinue reading “Outta Know Better … But Don’t”

Love is Colorblind, Our World is Not

In a recent discussion with an elder tribe member, the subject pertaining to  l-o-v-e in a multi-cultural society became the topic of discussion. More and more people today are finding soul mates from different races as some barriers to inequality and bias have decreased slowly over the years. Beautiful mixed race children have always existedContinue reading “Love is Colorblind, Our World is Not”