The Apology

Why is it so hard for some of US to simply apologize (I’m s-o-r-r-ry) when we’ve hurt someone whether intentionally or innocently? False accusations. Disrespect. Inconsiderate. Betrayals. Backstabbing. Slander. Abuse. Arguments. Ghosting. Greedy. Sabotage. Lying. Shady AF. All of these behaviors represent just a few of our human proclivities that could require one to justContinue reading “The Apology”

Celebrating Femininity

Women evolve and CHANGE over time as life experiences create opportunities for growth. There is also a definitive and natural aging progression hard wired into our DNA. As women, we often spend so much time at each stage of life just trying to BE somebody (friend/mother/lover & noticed/loved/respected) that we forget to appreciate and enjoyContinue reading “Celebrating Femininity”

Parental Boundary Enmeshment

Our personal familial indoctrination and dynamics will be quite different from person to person, family to family. Some will grow up in very nurturing, affirming and uncomplicated households. Many others were raised in unhealthy, traumatic environments by people who may have had emotional, mental, physical or even spiritual challenges. Both home environments offer versions ofContinue reading “Parental Boundary Enmeshment”

G.O.A.T Rejected+Protected

Naomi Osaka. Viola Davis. Serena Williams. Wilma Rudolph. Simone Biles. Eartha Kitt. Debi Thomas. Venus Williams. Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Rosie Perez. Flo-Jo. Mo’ne Davis. Gabby Douglas. Waris Dirie. Misty Copeland. Mary J. Blige What do ALL these women (past and present) have in common? Each one has a personal backstory filled with opposition and challenges that they’veContinue reading “G.O.A.T Rejected+Protected”