Outta Know Better … But Don’t

+++ Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Bible Luke 23:34  +++ We have all heard some version of this biblical quote but just how easy it is really to forgive grown people who outta know better. This sentiment rang loudly in my brain recently while reviewing old events that stung meContinue reading “Outta Know Better … But Don’t”

Love is Colorblind, Our World is Not

In a recent discussion with an elder tribe member, the subject pertaining to  l-o-v-e in a multi-cultural society became the topic of discussion. More and more people today are finding soul mates from different races as some barriers to inequality and bias have decreased slowly over the years. Beautiful mixed race children have always existedContinue reading “Love is Colorblind, Our World is Not”

Spelling Beez Champ Avoids The Trap

Zaila Avant-garde, a 14 year old girl from Louisiana, recently became the 93rd and first Black American winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. There was a another Black champion from Jamaica in 1998, Miss Jody-Anne Maxwell, however, the event has been historically dominated by Asians and other non-Black people of color. Zalia took homeContinue reading “Spelling Beez Champ Avoids The Trap”

The Universal Lesson Unveiled

I recently met a young grocery store cashier who exuded so much light it was blinding. As she checked my groceries, I noticed her smiling eyes and pippy long stocking braids. Slowly, “Heather” (not real name) started to talk after I complimented her choice of multiple earrings on each ear. She explained her intention behindContinue reading “The Universal Lesson Unveiled”

Fly Sha’Carri, Fly

Last year, I blogged about a tribe member using the phrase “wrong and strong” to describe individuals who do wrong or hurtful actions towards others or even themselves but then vehemently deny,  gaslight, manipulate, deflect or even outright lie to avoid accountability. Everyone has experienced this kind of relationship encounter. It can be very damaging toContinue reading “Fly Sha’Carri, Fly”

The Black Issue 2021

The most coveted fashion magazine issue for me is the famed 2008 Black Issue presented by Franca Sozzani, the legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia and arguably one of the magazines best editor-in chiefs of all time. Ms. Sozzani believed in presenting the most difficult and controversial social issues of the day into her editorial choicesContinue reading “The Black Issue 2021”

Untangling the WMB

Two news stories recently captured my attention and outrage. Although I’m on a sort of creative sabbatical, I could not let this opportunity go by without addressing it publicly with my tribe. Teachable moments happen daily, right?  Some have wondered why I started writing about the familial indoctrination system – –  specifically the way inContinue reading “Untangling the WMB”