Celebrating Femininity

Women evolve and CHANGE over time as life experiences create opportunities for growth. There is also a definitive and natural aging progression hard wired into our DNA. As women, we often spend so much time at each stage of life just trying to BE somebody (friend/mother/lover & noticed/loved/respected) that we forget to appreciate and enjoy US at each stage of WOMANHOOD  – – until one day we reach the end.

Listen and Learn

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Can we respect, embrace and honor the voice of the Maiden-, Mother and Crone?

Today’s post was triggered by me thinking about aging and what it means to grow older as a woman. I have always personally respected and enjoyed the companionship of older women because of their life experiences, humor and wisdom. They were my friends and mentors who taught me a lot influencing my personal journey into womanhood. What I can share with you now from both observation and my own experience is that authentic and high vibrational women do not necessarily cease to be interesting, vibrant, beautiful and even sexy as they grow older. They simply become even more authentic and “unfiltered” willing to “unveil” aspects of what made them/THEM (insecurities, vulnerabilities, hopes, dreams, faults etc).

Divine wisdom on display.

While some in society choose to deem older women as invisible or classify them as less valuable as they age because they may no longer have a youthful appearance or retain the capacity to produce life, this is really patriarchy at its most hypocritical. Why are men allowed to grow older with grace and respect but women are not given the same courtesy? Yet, many women also evolve to possess an even deeper and more profound sense of clarity, wisdom and inner beauty infused with undeniable self mastery. Older women are indeed powerful because they now hold the keys to their self identity with a full understanding of the potential threat an intelligent “free thinking” woman poses within a society. 

Triple goddess energy is to be respected throughput life.

Celebrating femininity is a life long gift that WE have been blessed to possess. It CHANGES, declines and evolves as our human form experiences the natural progressions of life (maybe grey hair, body changes, menopause etc.). Yet, femininity is more than physical exterior beauty or sexuality but rather the expansion of our innate intelligence, sensuality, spirituality and loving energy we bring into the world. Being divinely feminine remains our birth right as women even as we we grow older. Our feminine essence (aka divine honeypot) is not cheap, illicit or easily lost just because we age nor does it mysteriously disappear. Our femininity can be diminished, abandoned or given away by US but we must protect it with boundaries and continue expanding, loving and living life fully – – and authentically – – for as long as we breath. Appreciating our WOMANHOOD demands respect at all stages of life – – maiden, mother and crone – – and our feminine energy is too rich and much too powerful to ever, ever, ever be undervalued or underestimated.


Maiden -Mother -Crone

We celebrate our divine femininity.

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