Dedicated to KJ111 – – wholeness and completeness in divine form.


With a love,
with a Goodness

That is the love,
God has for you
that is your promise
every day through.

With a love,
for all of eternity
with a Kindness
into infinity.

That is the love,
God wants you to know
that is the assurance
He wants to show.

With a Benevolence,
impeccably flawless
God’s love for you . . .
is perfectly spotless!


Jeremiah 31:3

As 2021 concludes, it is time to count your blessings, learn from past mistakes and assess “the year in reviewas we plan for a future yet to be unveiled”. 

We’re ready for a “reset” and this year — 2022– will be “sublime”.


Let’s roll  … “I’ll be there if somebody hurts you, even if that somebody, was me. 

Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be.”

Queen B


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