RE-writing AMERICAN HIS-story

Salon Discussion #7  We are currently witnessing the greatest civics lesson while our government is investigating the American insurrection that occurred following the 2020 presidential election. It is quite extraordinary and almost unbelievable that such an event would even occur on these united shores. Yet – it did happen before the entire world with theContinue reading “RE-writing AMERICAN HIS-story”

Mass Shootings …. Only in America

Salon Discussion#6 Schools are an intersection of humanity comprised of every ethnicity, age, gender, class and everything else in between. At this critical point in HIS-story, what more should be said about the need for making schools SAFE for children and teachers? Do we need to now teach children how to become “bullet proof” inContinue reading “Mass Shootings …. Only in America”

Are Geniuses Born or Made?

Salon discussion #5 The study of neuroscience and how the brain learns has fascinated me the most during my educational experience. There is still so much to “unveil” in this field that it remains an evolving mystery as to our brain’s complete functionality and capacity even today. Even scientists still don’t fully understand the complexitiesContinue reading “Are Geniuses Born or Made?”

Sacred Contracts

Salon Discussion #4 The parent/student/teacher education contract is sacred with each party needing the other to fulfill their assigned roles. Parents must respect and trUst the teachers to nurture, support, protect and challenge their child during their educational journey. Students must respect and trUst their teachers enough to participate during instruction within the educational indoctrinationContinue reading “Sacred Contracts”

Teachers Sailing Away …. to Calmer Waters

Salon Discussion #3 Why do teachers quit the profession? It is safe to say that there are a variety of reasons for teachers choosing to walk or sail away. Prior to 2020, there were nationwide teacher protests with educators marching for safer work conditions following the increase in mass school shootings and for better compensation.Continue reading “Teachers Sailing Away …. to Calmer Waters”

Education access ≠ a privilege in America but does it = educated?

Salon Discussion #1 In 2021, I raised a question asking what does it mean to be an “educated American”? More specifically, what should our students have acquired (purpose of education) after successfully participating in the American educational indoctrination system? To be completely transparent, I frankly did not know where to start to approach this profoundContinue reading “Education access ≠ a privilege in America but does it = educated?”

Virtual Insanity 

What does it mean to be an educated American? What should our students have acquired after successfully participating in the American educational indoctrination system? These are just a few of the questions I’ve pondered since schools reopened this Fall. I started this blogging journey discussing “why good teachers quit” in 2019 following my stint asContinue reading “Virtual Insanity “

Columbus&Indigenous People’s Day

Yesterday marked the U.S. holiday called Columbus Day which commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492. School age children are taught about this famous explorer, Italian born Christopher Columbus, who set sail with a fleet of ships – – Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria  – – in route for Asia atContinue reading “Columbus&Indigenous People’s Day”

Welcome Back Ya’ll – Schools Reopen

Hooray!!! Hooray!! Schools have reopened across the United States of America. Students, parents and educators have all looked forward to this eventuality since they were forced to create a hybrid educational indoctrination system using both remote learning and in-person instruction in 2020. The reopening of schools is undeniably beneficial for all learners yet concerns stillContinue reading “Welcome Back Ya’ll – Schools Reopen”