Edge of Happiness**

macro (part 2)

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…

Hermes Trismegistus

Hello Tribe. I’ve been MIA for a bit but it was all by choice. CHANGE of any sort often requires one to focus, go within and recalibrate. This most definitely applied to moi in 2022. Disconnecting from any form of social media was a natural course of action and quite liberating especially if you’re approaching the“Edge of Happiness” about to engage authentically in the world on you own terms.

Peering through the veil has only revealed much public unrest, conflict and even tragedy happening in our country and world. It has been absolutely mind blowing. Simply watching the news (local, national or international), listening to an entertainment show or a sporting event can trigger a gambit of emotions from disbelief, sadness, disgust to anger or outright rage. The feelings of happiness, love and joy also linger somewhere in the middle creating the preverbal yin/yang energetic dynamic. These events and stories do not necessarily support one in maintaining a healthy and balanced mental state (especially for the individuals or groups personally involved in some of the novellas) but they do shed a light on our collective life struggles.

In this blog post, I thought about discussing some of those triggering stories but instead choose to expose them using an animated platform in order to not engage in more triggering diatribes and to allow some grace and levity for those individuals going through these experiences. In reality, it could be any one us experiencing similar events. If you look closely at the broader themes imbedded, you will definitely see the connections to real life news stories. The issues being exposed are definitely 100 percent trUe and real indeed. Something is being said in this moment in time about our quality of life and humanity itself.

Perhaps we’ve sunk deeper within the abyss and exposed situations once hidden. By un·veiling these events, however, there could be a profound foreshadowing about CHANGES yet to come. It also gives us an opportunity to reassess our own worldview and behavior and/or allows one to engage or sit on the sidelines and learn from someone else’s lesson (pain or joy). This angst is a necessary first step for both growth and CHANGE as we steer hopefully towards a balanced, healthier and peaceful tomorrow. Until we create and embrace a more authentic and democratic way of simply BEING, the battles and struggles will continue at the “Edge of Happiness.” Relax and brace yourself for the ride.

PEACE not WAR must prevail.
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