Because I know who I am,I’m at ease and free.I can’t be like others,And they can’t be me. I’ve got fading scars,An unusual physique,But it all works togetherTo make me unique. I’ve got hidden strengths,Some obvious flaws.Still I am who I am,For better, for worse. I don’t have to blend in;I won’t live a lie.IContinue reading “Unique”


The power of the black woman is vast because her beauty is strength, endurance, and love.It is not only a beauty of outwardly measure;It is a feeling of profound stillness.Her eyes show the depth of what she has triumphed over.Her skin is her glory.Her natural hair is her crown.Her experiences are etched through time.When sheContinue reading “MAJESTY”

Mrs. Stein

The school bell rings, we go inside, Our teacher isn’t there. “Maybe she’s sick!” her pet cries out. Yeah, right. As if I’d care. * I have a D in Language Arts, My grade in math’s the same. And now my teacher might be sick. Could be I’m part to blame. * She doesn’t likeContinue reading “Mrs. Stein”