Yin Yang

Abstract yin with

        ebony yang,

capturing my essence

as the conceptual

                    picture sang.


I see blurs and blotches,

  black and white swatches.

Convulsing splatter,

  in this element of matter.


Granite covered world

                  with a slight hue of grey-

seizing all the shades,

as the whiteness fades,

and the darkness makes 

        it’s way-

                     …for the etching does invade.


Swirling colors-

hints of darkness and light.

Bringing me to be blinded

by an artisan’s sight.

      Oh, I wish I may, 

      I wish I might,

      see the balance of this

      world tonight.


I see a world of imagination,

                a sweet lover’s creation.

Romance given a chance

                by a stranger’s initiation.


I see the larger picture

that the universe has fabricated.

    The wonder of the salvation

        of what yin and yang 

              has created.

Written By Beautiful Scars

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