It’s just the forces colliding.

Bravery and fear, depression and happiness.

Just flickering over and over.

While i watch, conflicted on which side to join. 

Yin or yang…

Both sides beautiful in twisted ways.


The dark, sheltering my fears of outside. 

As if lulling me into a false state of calm.

The light, showing me a bright world.

Giving me a forced courage to explore.

The light, almost overpowering me, makes me flee into the dark.

It wrapping me in its warm embrace.


I gratefully go into the embrace.

Looking out, as if getting a front view of the world.

It looks depressing, yet I feel nothing.

Why am I comfortable with this feeling?


Stuck as a pawn in their little game,

I’m shown the world from their eyes.

One force, bright and cheerful.

The other, dark while full of sorrow.


The light, showing happiness while masking the dread.

While the dark seeps into my mind, showing the world clearly.


Written By JustExisting

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