Yin & Yang

Photo by David Monje on Unsplash

Day and night, push and pull, light and dark.

Two opposing forces that intertwine their destinies.

Forces that compliment one another,

    complete one another,

          don’t compete for control,

              create a balanced interaction.


Fire must be allowed to breathe,

just like any other living thing.

Heat and air makes more heat

which needs more air to create more heat

which needs more air…

A never-ending cycle of energy,

of a passionate and driven life.

If there is too little air, the fire suffocates.

If there is too much, it is snuffed out.

Just enough, just enough,

just enough to keep it going.


Air, too, has its own cycle

which must be helped along by heat.

Whether the flame is present

or as far away as the sun,

the ground around the air is made warm,

which warms the air

which causes it to rise.

The air becomes colder the higher it goes;

the air becomes heavier the colder it gets,

causing the air to come back down towards the heat of the flame,

completing the cycle and starting again.


Earth holds water in place

so it doesn’t flow in every single direction.

It provides water not only a home it may reside in

or a final resting place,

but it is a path and guide for the water to see new places,

    to greet new faces.

It helps to bring it to where the water is needed,

where the water may help life along.

It dictates whether the water remains stagnant,

or if it should flow elsewhere.

But of course, rain can always bring water to new earth.


Water shapes the earth

into something truly magnificent and wonderful.

It pushes the land further and further,

making it wider and deeper,

opening it up for the world to see

with a gentle, subtle touch,

so it may not only make its home within it, but

    so we may discover what treasures lie beneath.

It breaks away at the rough, ragged edges,

creating smooth stones,

beautiful to see and touch.


Written by Miss Nygma

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