“Enmeshment” is a therapeutic term frequently used in family therapy to describe a relationship pattern between two or more individuals in which personal boundaries are unclear and permeable. This relationship pattern is often unhealthy, dysfunctional and anxiety producing on an emotional level. Participates are overly connected with an often unstated expectation to save or meet the other’s needs irrespective of their own needs, feelings, desires and goals. For example “enmeshment” can often result in an excessive involvement in another’s day to day personal life so that it makes it difficult for individuals to become confident or autonomous in their decisions, developmentally independent or responsible for their choices. In other words, “enmeshment” patterns can represent some of the most pervasive and difficult generational human dynamics – – “relationship entanglements” – – to “unveil” and “unravel.”

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

E*n*m*e*s*h*m*e*n*t*s can be very tricky and difficult. Ouch!

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