Toni Morrison, one of greatest American writer’s, died on August 6, 2019. She was a prolific author of the African American experience, particularly involving girls and women, and left behind a legacy of work that will forever influence the next generation of writers. As a young girl, I loved reading her books. She told important stories that resonated with me in a very intimate way. She talked about subjects that don’t often get expressed authentically and honestly.

I honor her life now by acknowledging how her fearlessness, truthfulness, and integrity gave me something to aspire to become. She was a powerful, talented woman willing to share her life experiences, observations, and ideas to help our collective psyche. This is not an easy task to accomplish with both skill and grace.

Ms. Morrison was my heroine in the flesh. She helped to define womanhood, showing compassion for our flaws as well as allowing us all to embrace our full humanity. I’m sharing my love for her work with you so that you’ll understand the framework in which I view womanhood, at the highest level, with integrity, substance, personal authenticity, and self sufficiency. Divine femininity at its best.

“If you find a book you really want to read
but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

Toni Morrison (1981)
Ohio Arts Council – The Cincinnati Enquirer

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