Black Mamba’s Powerful Legacy

I went on a long meditative, leisurely walk yesterday without my cell phone. To my surprise when I returned home, there were news reports stating that Kobe Bryant, the legendary Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, was killed in a helicopter accident. My heart instantly restricted from hurt as if someone had hit me directly in the chest. I was overcome with sadness for the loss of his life, his beautiful daughter, and the other passengers on the fateful helicopter ride. 

Selfishly, I instantly thought about how life is not promised to anyone. I questioned the meaning of past beefs with people who may have hard feelings against me or with whom I may have had negative feelings. I knew in my soul that none of it mattered. In the moments that followed, I felt a release from within my body any last bit of negative emotions (low vibrational energy) towards those who hurt me. None of it mattered. I knew in my heart that I did not want anything bad to happen to them or anyone. I hoped that those I may have hurt would forgive me as well. None of it mattered. I prayed for them all – – especially for Kobe and everyone on the helicopter – – for my family, tribe, and myself.

So thank you, Black Mamba, for being a divine masculine teacher, a heart energy magician who caused humanity, even if just for a moment, to release our collective negative energy (the need to be right, to humble our powerful egos, etc), and force us to unveil the divine love inside that has always been there. We honor your talents, contributions, and sacrifice. We send heart felt love and our deepest prayers to all the families. We pay tribute to you, Gigi, and the other passengers and will embrace your essence into eternity. 

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