Love Quest

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Love is an action word. You can feel when love is directed towards you, just like you can feel hate. Words alone mean very little if not backed up with action.

Love is color blind. Since race is an arbitrary construct designed to divide humanity, it does not have the power or authority to tell us who we should love. 

Love is expansive, not limited and controlling. If you must control or dominate another person or situation, you are not acting in love.

Love is free. It must be given freely, not demanded, in order for it to be authentic with high vibrational energy.

Love is a divine gift. We know it when we see it in the faces, words, actions and reactions of our fellow man. It has the power to heal and connect us on a soul level.

Love is limitless. We are one nation under this universal, magnetic vibration called love. Not just for today but into eternity. Humanity must choose wisely.

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