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I recently attended Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour. Ms. Winfrey has definitely created an inspirational and magical experience for ALL attendees (regardless of race, age, gender, economic status, etc.) via this one event. One of the highlights of the day was hearing guest speaker, Leila Ali, daughter of the “Greatest of All Time” – – Muhammad Ali. While I can’t say that I ever really watched female boxing, I was genuinely impressed with Leila’s story and journey. She demonstrated some of the same character traits and talents possessed by her late father. Clearly, a transference of energy happened between father and daughter. Congrats to Ms. Leila Ali and her many accomplishments!

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

I must fan out now and also express my admiration for Leila’s father. I absolutely loved the masculinity of Muhammad Ali. Even as a child I had a girlish crush which probably makes him qualify as my first official zaddy.” His brazen confidence, handsomeness, intelligence and wit, but mostly character, really impressed my young mind. He was even more prolific outside of the ring with the issues he stood up for and for which he ultimately bore the consequences. The man managed to fight for civil and human rights and still maintain his personal dignity with grace. He also handled his losses with incredible class along with a self deprecating, yet honest, humor. This, my friend, is the true definition of a divine MAN. Remember, earlier in another post I mentioned that my late grandfather always told me to choose a man (or person) based upon character. Looks will fade. Money will come and go. But a divine MAN has self respect, integrity, and a moral compass guiding his destiny. Even if he makes mistakes, which is guaranteed as a human being, he will take accountability and learn from them. A man like that will always be wealthy – – not necessarily with money or material possessions, but with purpose, respect, and a recognizable legacy. I would applaud him anywhere, anytime, anyplace

So who are you going to seek out in partnerships? When I was younger I met a few individuals, even allowed one or two, to drag me to my deepest level of regret — into the sunken place. But there was always that quiet voice of spirit that would tell me to – – GET OUT – – and I would. I never blamed them entirely because I always knew that my behavior got me into the situation as well. I always sought out the lesson in the experience. We have a responsibility to assess our own character and judgement in relationships too. Hopefully, we all learn to identify and respect our needs and wants without being too critical of self. These relationship partners can be some of our greatest teachers. 

Fortunately, I learned to value and love myself a little more. I always had a moral compass, but I often made the same typical mistakes we all can make in relationships. With divine instruction, I had to define who I wanted to become as a woman. I also became more discerning of what I was willing to accept and who I was willing to associate with – – PERIOD. This was somewhat easy for me because of my nerd tendencies, which made me more of an outcast anyway. Some individuals ran or ghosted me too. Even though I initially felt hurt over these experiences, I chased no one who didn’t see my value.

The bottom line is that self-discovery can often lead one to find divine relationship partners and soul tribes. I cannot tell you what they will look like or do for a living, but your spirit knows and will attract what the you need for growth. No human is ever perfect or without faults, not even the “Greatest of All Time” (both Laila and Muhammad were close tho), but the journey might lead you to people worthy of the magnificent YOU. Choose people, not just potential partners, based upon the content of their character — not simply looks, wealth, status etc. All of the these external representations of self are temporary illusions. 

Here’s to Muhammed Ali! He created a wonderful example of powerful womanhood in Laila, and is still one of the greatest zaddies of all time, at least to me

Photo by who?du!nelson on Unsplash
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