Typos, Mistakes & Pragmatic Lessons

Something’s been said! I am a newbie internet blogger. Can’t you tell?

My content is sometimes longer than is traditionally recommended. It is often redundant and wordy …. at least my trusted, tribe editor tells me. I don’t have millions of followers (trying to get handle on SEO). No one has called me out as a resource. “Ava DuVernay or Oprah … call me ladies. We have some splainin to do together.” And, I’ve made some mistakes and typos along the way.

Notice these flaws and concentrate on my superficial errors if it pleases you to do so. I won’t be offended or take your comments personally. My invisible boundaries are solid. But if this is all that you see, you are missing the point and the real substance and intention of this website.

“I have opened myself now and accepted it, finally, that this is all of me. All sides make up
what I am, and either I live with it or I die with it. — whether I like it or not.”

Slave to the Rhythm

Dig deeper and perhaps you’ll find the keys to help you navigate this journey called life. Failure is just as inevitable as success at some point. It is not whether you will have trials or fail, it is what you will do with the pragmatic lessons along the way. How will you grow, change, and evolve so that you do things better next time (if you choose to do so)?

So forgive any typos or writing errors you see. I am divinely human. Perfect in my imperfection. Watch and wait for me to get better.

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