Borders, Boundaries & COVID-19 (BBC)

No one can escape the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It’s really an unbelievable phenomenon! Even if you are not one to panic, it still packs a punch especially as everyone is being triggered to act now (just try going to the grocery store for toilet paper, water or other essential items). I understand the need to take action, yet I wonder to what extent we are being driven into a vibrational frequency of fear. Pause. Inhale. Breath. Exhale. Repeat. My mind keeps saying there might be something else at play here besides the health scare. What’s it trying to teach us about ourselves and the world? Is this a test or lesson?

Another thought that keeps resonating for me is the impact of setting boundaries. As a society, we’ve debated using a border wall as a means of preventing some illegal immigrants from entering the US and engaged in overt and covert tribal wars based upon race, class and sexual orientation. Now we are being encouraged to practice “social distancing” and advised to self quarantine, especially if symptoms develop, due to COVID-19. It is hard to not adhere to this recommendation since the virus is transmitted from person to person but it also exposes just how quickly we are willing to “break bad” from each other in states of emotional panic. Boundaries can establish walls, potentially being both positive and negative, depending on the circumstances and usage. 


Surprisingly, COVID-19 has unveiled some interesting human character traits within our society. For example, some have never actually spent extensive time alone and learned to self regulate without needing outside energy. Social isolation will present a very difficult challenge for them. Setting personal boundaries can also create issues depending on with whom one is isolated. Will you open the door to toxic relationships, quarantining and chilling, even though they are energetically like a virus too? There are even some who have had so much energy drained (due to work or relationships) that withdrawing socially can feel comforting. So what will you do during this “self isolation” period? Perhaps watch endless news reels discussing the virus and its impact, use the time to home school your children or work on new projects? Maybe everyone will retreat in total fear – – alone – – no human contact – –  with limited support or fellowship? 

Tribes still formed even in the movie Bird Box. How will we respond as a collective?

Regardless of your personal choices, it can still bring solace to remember that this too shall pass – – eventually. Take appropriate action, be safe and remember there are boundary limits to one’s control over any situation. In other words, let go and let ________ (fill in the blank). This circumstance requires a “breaking bad” mentality but in a positive vibrational way by resisting the urge to move towards absolute isolation and embracing fear. Help a neighbor if you can. Share resources with those who need it. Maintain gratitude and peace of mind even within this crisis. Practice social distancing and still keep toxicity out (better to be healthy in mind, body and spirit than drained of your energy). Meditate, pray, sing, dance, paint or exercise etc. Make something happen vibrating positivity. The boundary line will change. Be ready.

For Your Over-standing….
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