Olivia Pope On Speed Dial

From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), my gut intuition told me to to stay calm … this too shall pass, eventually. It’s not that I ever doubted COVID-19’s existence or its impact around the globe. It’s just a quiet thought that, perhaps, there was more to this pandemic story. There seems to be undisclosed information, variables and facts that might help put some things into perspective and would allow a deeper OVER-standing of current events. Yes, I know COVID-19 is uniquely different and quite serious, but I can’t shake the feeling that something more has been said (defying explanation, off-putting, strange) in this situation than we are being told.

Most recently, our politicians, scientists, religious leaders and spiritualists all seem to possess colliding narratives in regard to the pandemic. Just watch any White House briefing to witness the conflicting information provided by the US President versus the facts being shared by the infectious disease scientists and medical experts brought on board to address this world-wide public health crisis. Contradictions also abound, as some religious believers are expressing views that we are in the biblical end times. While some spiritualists are taking the view that maybe COVID-19 is here to provide lessons and change our collective planetary vibration (as above, so below) – – hopefully for the better. 

As a free thinker, you might understand my inclination to explore these seemingly opposing view points, resulting in a natural apprehension to not believe everything seen or heard. It is not uncommon for ruling governments and leaders to utilize the chaos theory, incorporating misinformation to carry out hideous agendas to mislead its citizenry. My perspective also comes from spending a good portion of my previous career as a publicist, specializing in crisis communication. Therefore I understand propaganda and DIS-information very well. After all, spin was my specialty and super-power. So, it is in this framework that I am asking lots of questions about our collective experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. My questions are FACT and DATA driven, seen through the filter of my inner-knowing intuition. In order to OVER-stand current events, step-by-step, I would propose that we assess the current public information and follow certain leads to see where they take us, including:

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Step 1: Provide more details on this strain of COVID-19’s origins and chemical makeup. Clear up rumors of its intended usage for germ warfare. We’ve all learned how it is spread from human to human and its varied symptoms. More scientific information will be needed on those who appear to have immunity or  be asymptomatic. 
  • Step 2: Research is being conducted on potential cures, but before we accept these options for the masses, we also need to understand the potential side effects (if any). Many medical cures have also been shown to have serious public health implications. Most recently, France suggested that Africa be the testing ground for any COVID-19 vaccines. Unbelievable, right? The World Health Organization (WHO) boss, Dr. Tedros, nixed this insensitive, racist idea and blasted those who made the proposal.
  • Step 3: Global and national data have been provided on COVID-19 (infection rate and death rate). I have reviewed numbers from several media sources comparing COVID-19 to other viruses (like H1N1 swine flu pandemic, etc.) The contagious nature of this pandemic is evident, however, there is a need to reconcile conflicting reports of deaths being attributed to COVID-19, versus potential other causes. Data is also not being shared on the survival rate of those recovering from COVID-19. The news media provides PR stories of survivors (anecdotal), but I would like to see the survival rate data (cured COVID-19 patients) right along side the infection rate and actual and predicted death rates. We should be able to access diverse data sources to conduct a thorough review for comparison purposes.
  • Step 4: There are other alleged reasons for citizens getting sick not related to COVID-19, including speculation that it is a cover up for 5G rollout. Further corroboration is needed but some believe there are specific health related concerns associated with its implementation. For example, Switzerland halted the 5G rollout due to this very same perception. COVID-19’s global impact is much too serious to disregard potential causes without a thorough investigation. Either they will be unequivocally refuted or confirmed. If these recent rumors about 5G are found to be true, we may all be participating in a large, global cover-up. 
Hear No Evil***********Speak No Evil***********See No Evil
  • Step 5: Data reports, across the country, are not showing the infection rates by ethnicity (only New York, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago so far). Some media sources are just now emphasizing the disproportionate number of COVID-19 infections and deaths impacting people of color, particularly Black males, in some major American cities (Detroit, Chicago, Louisiana, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Mecklenburg County, NC). Why wasn’t this information being reported sooner, so that these communities could be on an even higher alert? Most major, national media networks broadcasted the dangers of  COVID-19 for college-educated spring break students even before US leaders officially sounded the alarm.
  • Step 6: America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has left many people feeling fearful, as well as despondent over mounting debt from job loss. As a result, suicide rates may, potentially, rise as many feel desperate, hopeless and lonely. In recent weeks, some organizations have been too understaffed to field all the calls at suicide hotlines around the country. A pandemic of fear has been released out into the masses. We now need to gather any actual data (not anecdotal) from suicides related to COVID -19 and develop a plan of action to minimize any future potential loss of life.
  • Step 7: The US economy is in a very precarious predicament as market fluctuations, along with unprecedented unemployment claims, rise. Our financial system is in a crisis indeed, potentially on the verge of an economic collapse. Media sources have only subtlety touched on the impending housing crisis looming, as both renters and home owners are unable to pay for their homes. These financial considerations are very serious. Our government has proposed a stimulus package to address a range of economic needs, but everyone should follow the money. The stimulus package could have serious unintended consequences and still not prevent an economic crisis. Banks across the nation, along with the US Small Business Administration (SBA), are gearing up to approve and release funds to everyday people, small businesses and BIG CORPORATIONS impacted by COVID-19. We need data on this great wealth transfer, and notice who profits the most and why. Assistance is definitely needed but corruption (not talking about the little guy or small business owner) often leaves behind a very visible trail (ever heard of chemtrails?) if you just follow the the $$$$$.

“Those Who Do Not Learn History Are

Doomed To Repeat It.”

George Santayana
  • Step 8: Many discussions have been reported about American’s access to food since the pandemic. There are other reports suggesting the benefits of increasing one’s vitamin C intake and using our rich food sources to strengthen the immune system as a preventative action to COVID-19. There are other alternative herbal medicines that could be used to benefit the body during this time (strengthen the immune system). So, why aren’t these natural, alternative remedies being promoted, alongside other preventive measures such as social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing? It is time to expand this conversation into the public domain.
  • Step 9: World maps showing countries impacted by COVID-19 describe a much smaller impact in Africa and the Soviet Union. Someone needs to explain why. There are alleged reports suggesting that Shanghai, Beijing and the countries of New Zealand and Taiwan did not have a significant COVID-19 impact. For example, Taiwan’s alleged distrust of China led it to immediately apply all the rules necessary to stop the spread (wearing masks and gloves in crowded places, social distancing, washing hands, gloves, monitoring temperatures) before anyone else. It also restricted travel to and from China and requested all tourists from China to leave the island. The government notified the World Health Organization (WHO) in January, and reported their findings on COVID-19. What did WHO do with this information?
  • Step 10: The World Health Organization (WHO), private citizens and philanthropists (Bill & Melina Gates Foundation, etc.) and other civic organizations have raised concerns about the potential threat of a viral pandemic for years. Why are we, as a collective world community, in this predicament and what did our world governments not do to ward off this potential danger? ABC news reported that the intelligence agency warned the US President of an impending deadly virus in November 2019. Recent reports also indicate the dismantling of a US pandemic preparedness task force, yet everyday Americans are just now hearing about it. All of our politicians and civic leaders, not just the US President, have lots of splainin to do!
Photo by Chris Sabor on Unsplash
A wise old owl sat in an oak.
The longer he sat, the less he spoke.
The less he spoke, the more he heard.

Why can’t we be like that wise old bird?  

As a former publicist, I have been at the table with other executives when data and information was being reviewed during a crisis. Trust me, when I tell you that the COVID-19 situation room is full of strategists and PR fixers, similar to the Olivia Pope character who appeared in the television show Scandal. Their job is to anticipate questions and rumors; refute or repackage outright lies and distortions; and to serve as ghostwriters for leadership outlining the data and public information that supports the agenda or agreements made in private. Some withholding of facts is often necessary for the greater public good, but there are instances when it is done for more self-serving reasons. In order to spin these events, these Olivia Pope types need access to the FACTS, even though they often get misled by leaders and the powers that be, too. Ask any White House press secretary.

I’m sharing all of this to unveil what happens behind the scenes in many high-level meetings, especially when the stakes are great. This same dynamic often happens in relationships between lawyers and clients; hollywood fixers, agents and actors; mob bosses and their crews; Washington lobbyist and politicians; church leadership, congregations and ordinary people. Secrets and lies often dominate our interactions especially during times of trouble. My skepticism should be obvious about some of the COVID-19 information being disseminated, but it does not negate each of us from taking the appropriate preventative actions to protect oneself, family and neighbors. As my tribe of intellectuals and rebels find new info that is not being reported, I, like many others, still reserve the right to think for myself, facing the current situation head on – – both eyes open – – without rose colored glasses.

The only question WE must answer now is whether or not WE will take it all at face value. Before you respond, let me now share that the worst mistakes I’ve ever made in my life have occurred when I ignored my gut instinct or intuition. I did not have proof in every situation, but there was an INNER-knowing that I could not fully explain. My tribe knows that I often act on instinct, along with facts, in making decisions. Many will also admit that the facts, data and proof sometimes follow to substantiate my arguments … sometimes to their dismay. When “something has been said,” I can feel it – – just like countless others with the desire to know!

Today’s blog, on this Good Friday, is not necessarily being written from a pure academic perspective (this is not my expertise). Nor am I a biblical scholar, but I will say that these events are triggering many valid questions and theories within our global community. While it might not be the end of the world, it could be the end of the world as we know it. We must try to continue to live our best lives even under these circumstances, and once this is over, perhaps, take a different approach on how we view the intersection between science, religion, politics, and spirituality. We must give some degree of respect to each one, so that we can create the best global survival plan for humanity and our planet. The fallout from COVID-19 is unclear, but our collective investigation is just beginning to unfold. 

Something has been said in this COVID-19 experience. What kind of justice is humanity entitled to following this unbelievable sea change? Will we ever receive all of the FACTS and DATA? Some may still discount the basic human rights of ordinary people to know the absolute truth. Maybe we’ll be indoctrinated to believe it was all a dream sequence similar to a scene from the 2011 hit movie Contagion? I’m not sure how things will be unveiled but as the saying goes, “pride cometh before a cover up.”

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