COVID-19’s Poetic Justice

As the end of April approaches, I thought about my earlier posts in Dec 2019. Surprisingly, I still feel hopeful and inspired by my fellow humans who banded together during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). It took this global, public health crisis to get some to evaluate and reprioritize their lives. Our skies have been clearer and relatively free from excessive pollution. Spring arrived as animals wondered about in their naturally blooming habitats. They even explored more freely in urban settings as we all “social distanced” while human dominance  diminished in these environments. Many of America’s dirty little secrets were also unveiled related to poverty; access to heath care and its impact on preexisting conditions; big, corporate welfare; the food supply chain and hunger; science versus politics and religion, etc. COVID-19 has definitely rocked our world in some unbelievable ways perhaps changing us, as a collective, permanently. As one gangsta spiritualist poignantly stated, “Sometimes the only thing to cure a b*tch is a b*tch!”

When life hands someone their Karma in an elegant way, with witnesses and without any encouragement from victims or victors. It’s the balancing of the scales of Justice in a way that would make a good story for others to learn from.

Poetic Justice, Urban Dictionary 

Most people are still “skeptically optimistic”, fearing a kind of poetic justice, once our cities and towns are back in business. It has definitely been a long journey as we listened to the media and read the headlines with disbelief, sadness, shock and even pure amusement, at times, as the buckery (yes i mean what you’re thinking) unveiled itself each and every day.  It was all too much for me to follow or obsess over. So, I focussed my attention on being grateful, maintaining my peace of mind (via prayer and meditation), keeping a giving spirit and cherishing the small, beautiful moments (birds chirping in the morning, working, writing, connecting to my tribe, learning new things etc.) The collective heart of humanity continued to beat expectantly waiting for the sweetness of life to overflow once more. Many doors are opening soon  – – get ready to refill your cups, saucers and bowls.
Posted Dec 2019: “Time reveals truth. Freedom transcends illusion. Happy New Year …. 2020 … It will be so sweet!

Now take a moment to listen to

MJ and review a few media

headlines “unveiling” current events

COVID-19 rocked our world but …
They say April showers bring May flowers.

‘COVID Toes’ Could Be Only Sign Your Child Has Coronavirus

Flood of prank messages caused NYC’s coronavirus ‘snitch number’ to briefly shut down

An Unintended Consequence of COVID-19 Shutdowns? Blue Skies and Cleaner Air 

Study Suggests New York’s Coronavirus Outbreak Probably Came From Europe — Not Asia 

CDC accused of faking coronavirus death numbers in America

Jamaican Scientist Claims New Marijuana Strain Cures Coronavirus!!

Dr. Fauci confirms he has bodyguards after receiving death threats; ‘I’ve chosen this life’

Nurse, 28, strangles doctor girlfriend, 27, for giving him coronavirus

CBS admits using footage from hospital in Italy for coronavirus coverage

Suicide rates on the rise amid coronavirus pandemic

Trump critics plan to BURN their $1,200 stimulus checks

Hundreds ignore COVID-19 public gatherings ban to attend Louisiana church

New Jersey governor announces 90-day mortgage grace period; Vows to ‘make an example’ out of landlords who evict

COVID-19 May Attack Testicles, Reduce Testosterone in Men

Comedienne Luenell Campbell bans daughter from her home for joking about coronavirus

House Approves Stimulus Package; AOC Rips Republicans for Refusing $1,200 Payments to Illegal Immigrants

Man arrested, charged with licking items in Walmart store

Hospitals considering ‘do not resuscitate’ orders to save patients who are more likely to survive

Experts warn false nails can can trap coronavirus underneath 

City sewers backing up because people can’t find toilet paper

Sherri Shepherd breaks down and cries after son’s school cancelled until May

Cardi B calls out celebrities who ’cause confusion’ by saying they have no COVID-19 symptoms

Trump pushes for employees to return to work; ‘Our people want to return to work

Oprah tells Stedman to sleep in guest house amid coronavirus

San Francisco under lockdown because they don’t want all the gays dropping dead’

Supermarket hires security guards to protect toilet paper

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