TrUth Will Triumph

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

When gossips’ talk and traitor’s scheming, 

And jealous fiends on evil bent, 

With basest vices unredeeming, 

Brand the names of the innocent; 

When hope’s bright sun seems nearly setting, 

The future dim and cloudy lies, 

And you more tired of life are getting, 

And tears of sorrow dim the eyes; 

Cheer up, take courage, do not falter, 

Truth will triumph by and by, 

Time all evil things will alter, 

Vice and wickedness must die. 

Some men are not unlike the owl 

That base, wild-eyed, nocturnal fowl, 

That slays his victims in the night, 

And brings his deeds not unto light. 

Written by Colfax Burgoyne Harman

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