America Unveiled

Everyone recognizes the critical time Americans are living under at this very moment. Our country’s real shadow underbelly has been “unveiled” for the world to see. As countless black people have been killed during encounters with some individuals performing vigilante justice or at the hands of some in law enforcement charged with the task to protect and serve ALL of America’s citizenry, the world has watched with profound sadness, anger and horror. Some may not fully believe the issues being presented. Some may disagree with the mass demonstrations and protests happening in many cities. Some even act as if only one side is at fault. No one disagrees with the fact that “something painfully awful has been said” in this great country. It is glaringly obvious.

How to fix the problem is where the argument ensues. Your views may differ from mine or a neighbor but they both can still have some areas of common ground and validity. We have all made contributions to America’s legacy. We are all stakeholders in America’s future. The Constitution and our founding father’s ideas for America were based upon the principles granting some citizens the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Through the years, black people have fought and died for the right to be treated commiserate to other Americans. Proverbs 29:18 states, “Without vision, the people will perish”. This biblical statement resonates even more poignantly today as we grapple with how to guarantee the Constitutional promise in a climate where there is no united vision. Is it possible to reimagine and rebuild our nation into – – The United States Of America – – as originally envisioned? You cannot rebuild on a faulty foundation being a divided country. It will crumble eventually – – and it has seemingly happened in my lifetime.

Photo by Jeff Burak on Unsplash
Unveiling America – – The Beautiful Experiment

All of our politicians and political parties are at fault. All of our leadership is at fault. All of “US” are at fault. Why? For not being courageous enough to look at the “virus” within our society including the indoctrination systems and telling the absolute truth about them. We also did not develop a sustainable plan of action to cure the “virus” once and for all. It’s time to put on our collective big girl and big boy pants. No more saying what we want to hear, sugar coating the truth and making false promises. It just doesn’t work. Nothing is permanently changed without hard work, energy and effort. So  – – what is the plan? Who is developing the strategies to address systemic changes to our indoctrination systems? I hear crickets so far. Is it time to call “Olivia Pope on Speed Dial”?

If I ruled the world, I would begin with a few ideas to cut through the BS. Shining a bright light clears away the darkness. This month we will unveil potential strategies, solutions, ideas and tactics to help change the current narrative. Lets wipe the slate clean in the war room (hearts, minds, communities and government) and plan, plot strategize a brighter future for America. I’m calling all lawyers, sororities, fraternities, educators, artists, medical personnel, advocates, small businesses and corporations, human rights organizations, essential workers, mothers, fathers and elders etc. Everyone has a role to play in this 3ACT. Our young people are crying out for justice and protesting to our shame. It is time to draw up a MASTER PLAN so that our children and their children have the future we promised but did not deliver in our life time (at least not yet)

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Clean the slate and let’s work on the MASTER PLAN.

If I ruled the world, more people would probably “feel some kinda way” which is a black colloquialism for “being upset” because I would and could not blow smoke up anyone’s a** or “arse” (using the British word). The truth hurts but it can be healing. If given time, it will sober you into balance and wisdom. No more rose colored glasses. We need clear sight for clear visionary ideas for a clear agenda to rebuild The United States of America.

America will rise up again. 
Will you please help?

I’m ready to rule with collaboration, compromise and leadership. Will you join me in developing and debating the plan of all plans. It requires action beyond marching. It requires strategy, legislation, education, vision and heart to elevate our common humanity as the central focal point – – allowing “IT” to be more important than racism and tribalism. We have to execute this plan of all plans to achieve the desired end. Change is never easy. Some will lose power and influence but the biblical sentiment (Matthew 12:26), “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” says it all.

If I ruled the world, my starting point would begin with deconstructing every indoctrination system on the board and developing a MASTER PLAN based upon a vision for where we hope to be in the future. It will take years to see the results – – just like it took years for American ideals to be dismantled. After unveiling our country’s dirty little secrets and shame, America’s slate is being wiped clean. Pick up your writing boards and chalk . . . get ready to work. 

If we ruled the world . . . 
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