Pretty Black Girl Shadow PSA

I’ve been going though some major challenges or “ish” whichever you prefer to call it. You would never know it in my blog posts or looking at me (except if you catch me ready to drop the F-bomb). My meltdowns usually happen in private. I work in silence when pushed against the wall – – persevering using ghostly movements to get the job done. In the heat of the frying pan, however, my shadow self appeared. Check her out – – flawed but divinely human and real exposing the underbelly of my authentic self. In case you wondered, I know my faults better than anyone. My shadow self switches between defense and offense if any situation warrants it (triggered by stress, righteous indication or plain old b*tchiness). TrUth be told, I’m very opinionated and not necessarily right in all my actions. Yet, I’m still under divine construction – a beautifully, complex work in progress. 


I am who I say I am

I am transparent enough for you to know the real, authentic me – – including my shadow – – and sense my energy.  Please believe me – – I mean what I say and I say what I mean. My choosing to advocate that everyone express their inner “namaste” high vibrational energy should not fool you about me (kindness is not a weakness nor an indication of personal perfection). Exposing my shadow traits also does not negate my overall blogging message. I am striving for the IDEAL version of my divine self. Even in my worst behavior, I am still being trUthful in expressing my honest feelings as a human (anger, disappointment, fearful, coldhearted, etc). Trust me – – all women have the capacity within to act out from their lower, vibrational character.

So – – I’m taking a moment to plan, plot and strategize my next steps and reclaim my personal balance in mind, body and spirit. After the release of my raw, low vibrational energy and seeking forgiveness from others and myself, my slate has been cleared to relook, release, rethink and reimagine everything once again. I am flawed and human just like you. No better or worse. It is time to raise the vibration once again.

This fabulous woman was once married to the great NAS. I could not resist the video.

Our inner “bossy” is needed at times but one still has to learn when and where to release the energy. 

I’ll Rise Up Again. Will you join me?

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