Rotten Apples

Developing a MASTER PLAN to rebuild “The United States of America” requires one to suspend preconceived ideas and views so that we can see what does and does not work. All people are not the same within a country, city, ethnic group, or even family. Everyone will obviously have different views on the subject. The MASTER PLAN to rebuild the USA can not be based upon feelings or emotion, but it should flow from a collective commitment to generate the best ideas and solutions to current problems. One, twenty, thirty, or fifty etc. rotten apples within a group, movement, or organization does not mean the entire group, movement or organization have no value even with an imperfect formation. The MASTER PLAN must also be founded on logic and ideas to “root out” and address any systemic issues without inadvertently creating new ones. People are justifiably hurt and angry but we have to “get out of our feelings” America! For example, our collective righteous indication and anger is warranted pertaining to police brutality  – – and should be acknowledged by all – – but rational heads must also prevail when developing the MASTER PLAN to fix the overall system. 

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False Flag: an attack or other hostile action that obscures the identity of the participants carrying out the action while implicating another group or nation as the perpetrator (often used attributively).

The recent nonviolent protests about police misconduct and racism are a necessary component for change. It is very saddening to realize that the civil rights movement and the efforts of my mother’s generation moved the “ferris wheel of equality” only so far. The United States of America was founded on the principles of civil disobedience and the  “give me liberty or give me death” manta. Systemic changes do not happen without hard work, energy and effort. It should also be noted that rioting, looting or attacking law enforcement is not okay either as pallets of bricks are being left, mysteriously, in the middle of protest routes (ever heard of a false flag). Everyone knows that the average American, nonviolent protestor is not bringing these brick pallets along with their water bottles and back packs. Something has definitely been said! Let’s review and state the obvious:

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Some rotten apples don’t spoil the whole bunch.
  • Not all protestors are rioting and looting. 
  • Not all cops are racist or intend to kill black people.
  • Not all black people are criminal or violent. 
  • Not all whites are racist and discriminatory.
  • Not all Democrats are pro-minority.
  • Not all Republicans are anti-minority.
  • Not all whites intentionally use their “privilege” to their advantage. 
  • Not all black people are supportive or “on board” with this protest movement.

When we focus on the end game, MASTER PLAN, all absolute, superficial labels will matter less and less. Do not fall for the potential political traps being set and please take off the rose tinted glasses. President Johnson (LBJ), for example, passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and addressed issues of racial inequality. At the time, this may have seemed surprising, even unlikely, coming from a Texas southerner. There can be no doubt that the President did not escape white indoctrination as a youth but he clearly had a personality and ability to recognize when pragmatism was required. In my opinion, it wasn’t necessary for him to feel “black pain” (which isn’t possible) as much as it was important for him having empathy and a high regard and commitment to this country and the Constitution. He wanted to hold “US” together. Whether President Johnson’s choice to “do the right thing” was genuine or “ego driven” becomes irrelevant because he made the right ethical decision. Our current president seemingly does not possess the compassion nor moral fiber to make similar decisions across the board. His “unique” value system does not place the virtue of empathy or appearances in high regard … unless the criminal justice reform issues are being presented by Kim and Kanye (pause). It is also important to remember that racism is quite insidious – – not everyone will self identify. Whether Democrat or Republican, actions and policies speak much louder than words (we feel your pain) or appearances (wearing Ghanaian kente cloth during a press conference). 

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“Every brother ain’t a brother just because of color.”
Chuck D – Public Enemy
Let’s go apple picking and develop the Master Plan.

Personally, I can work with most anyone as long as they have a similar agenda. Republican or Democrat, black or white, man or woman, gay, straight, northerner, southerner, tall, short, morning person or night owl, Capricorn or Cancer … I’m “down” (colloquialism for willing to support or collaborate) with whomever has the best plan for ALL humans to live the American dream – – particularly black people and others who have been denied equal access and opportunity. Again, my tribe or selected family is comprised of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, socioeconomic status, religious affiliations (including atheist). The common thread that binds us is the love and respect that we have for each other, humanity and an appreciation for free thought. Our debates can get heated – –  we often agree to disagree (ok, not always). Sometimes, our shadow personas appear triggering us to elevate our voices with me being the guilty party dropping the F-bomb depending on the topic. There still is a willingness to listen with empathy, respect and usually an opportunity to learn something of value from one another. We also find common ground in the most unusual ways.

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Understand History. This cycle is coming up again to be cleared.
The issues on the ferris wheel go round and round, all through the town.”

For these reasons, I encourage everyone to calm down with the rhetoric and absolute propaganda. We have an opportunity to e-x-p-a-n-d upon this great American experiment as outlined in the Constitution. Remember apples come in a variety of colors, types and origins. Some are sweet and delicious. Some are still a little green and bitter. Others may fall and ripen over time. We are definitely seeing America’s underbelly – – as some bad, rotten apples continue to unveil themselves – – but this is not the entire bushel or orchard. Perhaps this time, we, the people, will be able to create an even more “perfect union” once the entire orchard has been inspected and pruned.

Understand History. This cycle is coming up again to be cleared.

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