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Dominican models are taking over. These Afro-Latinas – – androgynous and multiracial beauties – – are flooding the fashion runways. These girls are heralding a sea change of sorts on the catwalks. This should come as no surprise since the rigid standards of beauty have been forced to change in recent years. The cycle will change even more . . . rising to include the beauty standards of ALL woman. Perhaps we should thank Kim Kardashian for appropriating black beauty. The very attributes she favors in us are the very features we were taught to hate about ourselves. She may have seemingly helped to usher in a new era for young black girls. No hate . . . just appreciating her appreciating us.

The difference in these new models, however, is their bare, raw un-glamorized Kardashian appearance. We actually see the real features of the models – – not just some fantasy image. What does this say? For me, it says “isn’t she lovely” just as life intended her to be as the day she was born – – powerfully strong and free. Let’s hope the inside beauty matches the outside. There is nothing more amazing than a loving soul – – balanced in mind, body and spirit – – with brains and beauty.

The New Generation of Dominican Models Redefining Beauty …
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Check out the Battle At Versailles – 1973, an incredible documentary, showcasing the greatness of both American designers and the black beauties who graced the runway.

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