Thinking of a Master Plan

My favorite artist of all-time died in the month of April on the night of the cherry moon. For some reason during the same timeframe, I felt inspired to start writing what I called the “The Master Planfor a nation at the “cross roads” being challenged, in response to the current state of civil unrest, to create a more perfect United States of America. TrUthfully, a range of thoughts and ideas permeated in my brain to the point where insomnia took over. My “insomnia writing” generated lots of partial ideas, images and connections. Some were triggered by earlier discussions with my tribe while others seemed to come from nowhere. Perhaps the energy of the strawberry full moon on June 4 and 5, 2020, served as the catalyst for my final inspiration even though I couldn’t fully decipher my ultimate direction. 

Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash
Creation happened under the strawberry moon.

We all must plan, plot and strategize our next steps, individually and collectively, under the current circumstances. As my mentor stated constantly, we are not really FREE in this world. Even with this understanding, one has to still ask what are the highest vibrational outcomes we can manifest during this critical time in our history. Protesting has served a vital purpose triggering potential opportunities for permanent systemic change. Our daily normalcy has been challenged forcing most to stop acquiescing to traditional views about our government and America’s indoctrination systems. We, the people, now recognize some of the limitations placed on our freedoms as well as the perceived checks and balances we all assumed would prevail within our government and political parties. The game is over once the trUth about your own enslavement is unveiled

This blog entry is by far the hardest for me to write. It seemed as if circumstances were forcing me to rethink, reevaluate and remove all preconceived ideas and beliefs about current events. I was being striped clean in mind, body and spirit which can leave one feeling blank and exhausted (yes for real, not the celebrity version which could mean a range of other things). But – – I’m here now ready to share my thoughts – – not Olivia Pope on Speed Dial – – just an average concerned, flawed human willing to offer suggestions and musings for consideration. Creation follows a format. Thoughts – – Energy – – Manifest. Thoughts – – Energy – – Action. Thoughts – – Energy – – Creation. Take what resonates. Reject what does not. I will respect your decision either way.

“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?” (Ethics of the Fathers 1:14)

Sage & Rabbi Hillel

Thinking of a Master Plan

Article I: Police Reform

On his deathbed, George Floyd called for his mother. We all saw the video footage. Now just imagine the fear and pain to make a grown man call out to the woman who nurtured and gave him life. He called for his mama like all children do from the time they are born when they need help, comfort or in danger. It is for this reason that we must start with ideas for police reform. The unfortunate propaganda phrase “defund the police” only helped to polarize the trUe intention which is to transform the existing police mission into one where it truly serves and protects everyone and is held accountable for any unjustified actions leading to the unfortunate loss of a human life. Many of my suggestions are not new or revolutionary but the goal here is to present what I think are the best ideas to transform our publicly sanctioned security force.

The US House of Representatives, primarily from the 
Democratic party, recently passed a sweeping police 
reform bill but not all leadership supported the effort. 
We must continue to collectively push for the enforcement 
of current laws as well as change what doesn’t work.

Passing progressive legislation to address police misconduct – – unlike the flawed 1994 Crime Bill – one strike you’re out drug laws – – could encourage law enforcement to be more cautious before taking the life of an innocent person. Both actions and consequences should go hand and hand. In my opinion, other interested groups are trying to create the perfect storm for a potential massacre or outright civil war – – American against American on American soil. We cannot allow the well intentions of most protesters to be thwarted by opportunists and anarchists who have already infiltrated their efforts. False flags are already being launched as our people are protesting in dangerous settings with others who do not have the same or a similar agenda. For example, Air Force Sgt. Steven Carrillo was charged for his role in the fatal shooting of Santa Cruz County deputy officer Dave Patrick Underwood during protests in Oakland in the wake of George Floyd’s death. As a member of the far-right anti-government Boogaloo movement, there was no evidence that he and his partner had any intention to join the demonstration in Oakland. FBI agent Jack Bennett said, “They came to Oakland to kill cops.” 

For this reason, I am proposing that we launch the new policing initiative under the name “Mama Bear Police Reform Act” with a march/protest across American cities to commiserate the passing of George Floyd. He called for his mama. All women with or without children – –“mamas” of the world – – would answer his call in a nonviolent, powerful way that only a loving mother could answer (prayerfully and respectfully, masked with clear intention). The imagery alone is powerful  – – women walking holding teddy bears to represent their sons, nephews, brothers and husbands. The old saying, “tell the truth and shame the devil,” doesn’t apply here exactly but this event would definitely shine a spot light on current issues without escalating it into senseless violence. Law enforcement would be extremely foolish to attack women under these circumstances but even an unfortunate altercation would further help the cause of police reform. All @Karensgoingwild representatives are not invited even though their entitled and reckless behavior serves an important purpose in unveiling the face of racism and privilege. The complete agenda could be unveiled during the protest and include New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, one of my favorite hard&black politicians, who has been a leader in the national police reform effort. The Mama Bear Police Reform Act would:

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash
Women will lead the cause for police reform.

Dedicated in memory of George Floyd, an angelic human in disguise, sent to start a national transformation and revolution of free thought and ideas. 
  • Demilitarize police departments into national community policing agencies including banning choke holds, no-knock entry and military-grade equipment. Body cameras would be mandatory with immediate firing for noncompliance/insubordination.
  • Establish accountability guidelines and pass progressive legislation to address police misconduct. Similar to one-strike drug laws, you can change the behavior in those who would decide to take the life of an innocent person if the actions and consequences go hand and hand. 
  • Launch a national community-wide public education campaign to establish  a platform for ongoing dialogue between law enforcement and the community. The goal is to foster more respect between all parties.
Mama Bears United

A tribe member  – – therapist and mother – – shares the same hopes as expressed in this great American song.

Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups, and these biases stem from one’s tendency to organize social worlds by categorizing. Unconscious bias is far more prevalent than conscious prejudice and often incompatible with one’s conscious values. Certain scenarios can activate unconscious attitudes and beliefs. For example, biases may be more prevalent when multi-tasking or working under time pressure. 

UCSF Office of Diversity And Research
  • Require yearly multicultural education training to address racism (explicit bias) and unconscious bias (implicit bias) as a condition of employment. Even lawyers and other professionals are required to complete certification courses as a condition of their profession. Why not law enforcement?
  • Require mandatory assignment/beat rotation every few years (high stress to low stress and vise versa to give police officers the opportunity to destress and deprogram). The danger and normal stressors of law enforcement lend itself to negatively influencing police behavior towards its citizenry. Fear has a direct impact on the brain’s amygdala (fight or flight reaction) – – and coupled with systemic racism only makes law enforcement officers more susceptible to making rash decisions, especially towards black boys and men, who have been historically stereotyped negatively as more dangerous. 
  • Recruit more minorities into leadership positions (i.e. more people of diverse backgrounds), including women, so that law enforcement, then reflects the community it serves.  Gender alone doesn’t necessarily mean police misconduct will disappear (human errors will still occur) but diversifying the workforce allows other perspectives and management styles to influence and change the culture from within.
According to the Diversity and Inclusion studies program 
at the prestigious West Point Army Academy, a record number 
of Black women (38) graduated with the class of 2020, the 
most in the school’s 218-year history. Last year, the class of 2019 
made history with 34 Black female cadets, then the most ever. 
Wow! Maybe these ladies could help.

No one has expressed the sheer impact of police misconduct better than comedian Dave Chappelle who has proven to have personal character – a real, funny and authentic trUth teller (tribe member). Listen intently and come up with your own solutions to this collective challenge.

Article II: Word-Wide Prayer Across Religious/Spiritual Affiliation  – –  8 min 46 sec  – – As above, So below

Where have all the religious leadership been since the world-wide pandemic and racial protesting? Baptists. Catholics. Muslims. Buddhists. You can name them. These institutions of faith have seemingly gone silent on the global platform. I have heard no one calling for world-wide organized prayer, a day of healing, virtual revival, etc. Their collective voices are absent across the media loud speakers but why is this so? Isn’t this the role of organized religion to help offer solace and comfort during times of distress? Well – – there is an old colloquialism,“you’re a day late and a dollar short”. This is not to say that individuals have not turned to their faith and the church community.

As I’ve stated previously, I am spiritual not religious. As a nerd, I have studied a lot of religions and even practiced a few consistently. My intuition is telling me that more than ever, prayer or meditation is needed to help raise the world vibration. Everything is energy. Everything resonates creating energy (positive/high and negative/low – – love vs war). Even 45 likes rallies because of the energy he receives from the crowds (or lack thereof as in the case of the rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma). You can feel both positive and negative energy with differing degrees along the human emotion scale. 

It is now time for us all (spiritualist, religious, atheist etc) around the globe to come together for joint prayer for our world. There is a lot at stake. We may not make it to the mountain top together, but I do know prayer changes things. Positive energy is needed more than ever to help the current problems. Perhaps all we need to do is focus on L-O-V-E since dogma exists between religious affiliations. Simply expressing this high vibrational feeling towards those we care for and even those we don’t, will have an impact. The Gospel of Thomas, a lost Bible chapter, speaks of praying for something without hidden motive, pretending you’re surrounded by your desired answer and feeling the gladness of it being fulfilled. This “conscious” prayer, in addition to action, leads to manifestation. The great Marvin Gaye, songwriter and singer, once belted out in his song What’s Going On, “for only love can conquer hate”. For me this says it all. In a world community full of hateful actions and injustice, isn’t it worth a try?

Humanity, as a collective, is definitely at “the cross roads”. The slate is being cleared for a new reality. If you can’t relate to the religious or spiritual musings, perhaps you’ll be able to connect to a different creative method using another mindful approach. In reality, it is all the same – – just a different name using a different path.

Article III: Election Security – – Constitutional Change

Our Constitution is a work in progress. We have yet to fulfill the ideals mentioned in the formation of “The United States of America” but the promise of a more perfect union still lingers. We can do it. We must do it. Our union depends on this change. It requires legislation (both enforcement and changes in our laws) to perfect the imperfect. Perhaps we’ve been misled a little into thinking the Bill of Rights and other protections would guarantee our freedoms. “You ain’t free,” said my mentor, Auntie Mame, as a catch phrase for describing injustice whenever it rears its ugly head. I have found her sentiment to be trUe but openly admit enjoying the illusion immensely.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Which political group leads to real freedom?

The 2020 election is fast approaching. We are not ready to hold a free election still plagued with disinformation campaigns, Russian interference, gerrymandering and antiquated polling strategies. Since time is of the essence, a nationwide effort must be enacted to solidify the process assuming we will even have a free election this fall. I fear the worst is about to happen. I’m not judging the outcome, I’m simply stating it may not happen. Period. The attack on our election process has been thoroughly planned and executed unbeknownst to the average American. Both parties have failed us but we still need governmental leadership – – all political parties – –  to fix the problem. What if they are not only all inept but willing participants in this governmental matrix? Wtf! The leadership void will have to be filled. “If not us, who? If not now, when?” said Rabbi Hillel.

Out of the mouths of comedians, trUth emerges.

Article IV: Expand the Governing System 

This next area may sound far fetched to some but I thought about our world-wide indoctrination systems and who is primarily in control. MEN. MEN run the world. MEN dictate fashion. MEN try to control women’s reproductive decisions. MEN have governed the United States of America since its inception. This led me to consider Patriarchy in its many manifestations and outcomes. Personally, I am not a man hater by a long shot. Most of my tribe are free thinking men but to not recognize some of the limitations in male judgment (divine humans) driven by ego and pride would be misleading. 

For these reasons, it is time for us to dismantle the patriarchy so that our governance is more inclusive of women who may have the capacity to govern in a more holistic and cooperative fashion instead of the “winning at all costs” approach assumed by so many MEN. The current issues of racial and gender equality and police brutality require an even-handed approach. Many woman naturally look for common ground in their decision making. It’s been inbred within our DNA as we seek balance in relationships. This shouldn’t negate the natural strength and power of women who have been the backbone of families making tough decisions since the beginning of HIS-story. Watch any mama bear protecting her young and you’ll get a sense just how far we’ll go if threatened. But the decision to go to war will not be taken lightly. Perhaps we use both our logical and intuition sides making us more sensitive but the divine femininity of women was once revered by our indigenous ancestors who recognized the innate POWER of women. We’ve forgotten the power of the “Divine Feminine” under the patriarchal system but now is the time to RISE again.

Let’s make Them WORK for OUR Vote!  

God is neither a “he” or a “she”

One group doesn’t need to “manhandle” all human affairs.

Male Tribe member

America is due for a change. Let’s establish a platform to launch the campaign for first American female president. Our electoral college is also flawed. The system is rigged seemingly forcing us into choosing between only two political parties – – with political candidates sanctioned by the ruling political party. Neither party has been forced to work for our votes as most Americans resort to choosing the lesser of evils instead of “FOR” someone. Since patriarchy, male dominance, is a social, rather than biological phenomenon, there really is no reason a qualified woman could not govern – – TODAY. This requires the loss of POWER by MEN but an energy shift is needed – – change of ideas, management style and philosophy. Former Democratic presidential nominee Andrew Yang told Vogue, “The government needs to think much, much bigger.” Perhaps this sentiment is the right one for moving away from patriarchy into one system more inclusive in the sharing of POWER.

“Black Lives Matter. Love is real. Science is real. Women are equal. Humans are not illegal. Kindness is everything.”

Lisa Rinna  – – Actress, Business Owner & Mother

In a million years, I never thought the possible slogan for the first female president would come from me being triggered by an actress but I came across a quote that resonated for me. This possible campaign slogan may say it all.

Its always been about – – POWER



Using our collective POWER to TRANSFORM our WORLD 

Every woman has her POWER awakening.

The euphemism, hard&black no chaser, is a term I often use to describe trUth tellers. More than ever, this type of female leadership is needed to govern America. Where is our female leadership similar to Angela Merkel, German politician and “de facto” leader of the European Union (EU), the former British stateswoman, Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady, Sahle-Work Zewde, current Ethiopian President or Jacinda Ardern, current New Zealand Prime Minister – – to change the world, birthing order out of chaos? Why must the first American woman president be a perfect human (not expected of Male leaders) in order for them to lead? I have no doubt the following American women, past and present, could provide such leadership if they desired the position. We may never know  – – at least for now. 

Both former first ladies – Barbara Bush (George W’s now deceased mother) and current wife, Laura Bush; Former first lady Michelle Obama; House speaker Nancy Pelosi,  American politician, lawyer, voting rights activist, and author Stacey Abrams; Former governmental official, businesswoman and lawyer Valerie Jarrett; Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor; Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC); Finally . . . All of my Umi mentors, Grandma Essie and Grandma Emma 

Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash
We are at the proverbial crossroads but …
“The CIA ain’t got sh*t on a woman with a plan.”
Tony – Two Can Play That Game 2001

Article V: Attack the the “Strong Hold of Racism

The most feared state in the Union has always been Mississippi (MS), the Magnolia State, located along the Mississippi River. As the second state to secede from the Union in 1861, Mississippi became a strategic military location during the Civil War. It suffered great loss of human life – – about 10,000 soldiers  – – but it’s commitment to racial inequality and white supremacy remains ingrained even today. 

In the past, slaves from other states were forced into submission by threatening being traded to Mississippi. Just imagine a state so vicious, other slave states used YOU as the threat to get slaves in line. In addition, the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, was ratified after three-fourths of the states passed it in 1865 at the close of the civil war. While four other Confederate states eventually passed the amendment, Mississippi did not symbolically or officially adopt it until 1995 – and didn’t officially notify Washington of the vote until 2013. Imagine that! Even today, the shameful legacy of slavery has created a political climate allowing the state to currently rank low in terms of healthcare, education, birth rate and infant mortality, unemployment etc.  Something is still being said in “Ole Miss”.

Heartbreaking …. …. but perhaps a sea change is occurring.
The “Ole Miss” legislature is voting to remove the Confederate 
icon from the state flag.

There is so much one can say about the State of MS. In spite of the hideous treatment, blacks still survived and produced blues music in the Mississippi Delta, songs rooted in gospel, jazz and country ultimately creating the genre of rock and roll. It took extraordinary resilience on the part of blacks and the indigenous natives to survive the hardships imposed upon them enduring Jim Crow, lynchings and systematic racism. So, why am I sharing this about “Ole Miss”. My parents chose to leave the state, like hundreds of thousands, migrating north for a better future. I visited “Ole Miss” every summer until I was 16 years old staying with my grandparents and extended family. I became a little country girl loving and embracing the lifestyle and family fellowship. Even then, I also felt the historical fear in the eyes of its black residents as well as disdain or possibly hatred by some whites.

The Bible talks about spiritual “strong holds” that can keep one in darkness and oppression. It occurred to me that “Ole Miss” held the “strong hold” of racism within her very borders. This may sound outrageous but I had a fleeting thought, a vision of sorts, whereby breaking the racist “strong hold” in “Ole Miss” would release the current racist “strong hold” in America. It represents the most feared place for people of color even to this day. Many of the blacks living in the state are still severely broken, in mind, body and spirit, including people within my own family. It is heartbreaking to know “there I could have been but for the grace of God” – – and the audacity of my parents who fled the state with my sister and me in tow.

It is for these reasons that I propose “Ole Miss” must be broken not through violence but strategically through every indoctrination system. Just like the freedom riders flocked to the state in 1964 to encourage blacks to participate in the civil rights movement and help register them to vote, it is time for another wave of civil rights leaders to completely break the racist “strong hold” that still prevails. The efforts of these brave, young people raised awareness of discrimination in the deep south helping to pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965. What can be accomplished now in 2020 is no less profound and life changing for its residents and Americans across the country.This dreadful legacy of racism still exists but the cycle must come to an end. 

Photo by Elijah Macleod on Unsplash
Understand History. This cycle is coming up again to be cleared.
The issues on the ferris wheel go round and round, all through the town.”

Article VI: Reform The Modern Educational System

As Americans, we have to redefine what it means to be an educated human in this country. A section of is devoted to discussing the issues within the educational indoctrination system. Please read those blog entries as well to better understand my background and perspective. For this reason, I will only touch on the issue of racism and its impact on our citizenry. Children are not born racists or possessing an inferiority complex. White supremacy is taught just as the mindset of inferiority is taught. We now have the important challenge to reprogram future generations of children via our educational indoctrination system. It begins with the curriculum (both stated and hidden) and how educators teach and interact with its diverse learners. Educator and trUth teller, Jane Elliott, pointed out the issues of racial inequality and unconscious bias many years ago. She has not been alone in sounding the alarm for decades often to seemingly tone deaf administrators and government leaders. It is no longer acceptable.

1980’s & 1990’s

“Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.” 
George Orwell, Author 1984

The same issues exist in 2020.

In fact, we have all been miseducated to some degree. We can reclaim our freedom now by shattering the shackles of lies and half trUths that bind us as Americans. This can occur if we share the FULL HIS-tory of this country and our past leaders. Tell the entire story not partial or only the parts that glorify one’s heritage. We are currently tearing down the statues of Confederate generals but why are we leaving the legacies of our founding fathers intact? They also held slaves and  considered blacks three-fifths human while writing the Constitution of the United States. One such leader is Thomas Jefferson or TJ, who held slaves including a long standing relationship with one of his underaged slaves, Ms. Sally Hemings. Should Monticello, TJ’s home, be burned to the ground as well? Perhaps it would serve us all to rewrite HIS-story and replace it all with the absolute trUth (positive and negative) no matter how hurtful and vile it is. To change HIS-story by simply removing its presence only serves to “hide” the evidence (no different than what we do currently) still allowing people to believe falsehoods. It also helps to polarize Americans potentially setting up the hero as a martyr instead of sharing their full STORY in all its complicated glory. Imagine this plaque being placed under a fictitious American hero:

“John Doe was a great American general who led thousands of young soldiers to their death fighting for the idea of white supremacy. He served as a key visionary and writer of the Declaration of Independence. John Doe also raped many women of color who were viewed as property and separated children, before the age of three years old, from their parents selling them to slave owners in the state of Mississippi and other unknown regions as slaves. As a slave owner, he sanctioned the murder of slaves who tried to run away to freedom and the lynching of men and women for basic human infractions. We share HIS-story and complicated life on this spot for you all to understand the humanity of the man, his legacy and the historical context in which he lived.

How do you feel after reading this statement?

Personally, I am more of a proponent of economic justice via access to jobs and business creation. This foundation provides those who have been disenfranchised to build a legacy of self sufficiency that goes beyond the symbolism represented in a statue being removed. I’m not negating the past negativity associated with many of these historical figures or that the fact that the symbolic removal has some value. I’m simply stating that for me hiding HIS-story, instead of airing out his dirty laundry (human flaws) in all its glory and historical context, is less powerful. Economic self sufficiency allows those who have experienced systemic racism to gain real freedom beyond their  past collective, intertwined HIS-story.

“White people tearing down statues is not going to close the wealth gap. It’s not going to give a kid whose parents can’t afford college money to go to college. It’s not going to close the labor gap between what white workers are paid and what black workers are paid.”

Robert L. Johnson, America’s first Black billionaire

Finally, I would also question how we raise children indoctrinating them on what it means to live a powerfully beautiful life. This is a very existential question but one I have contemplated my entire lifetime only to realize I had been bamboozled the whole time. The black American singing group, En Vogue, once sang, ‘Free your mind and the rest will follow”. Perhaps we should teach the real meaning of life much earlier instead of hoping we’ll discover “the yellow brick road” before our 3ACT or worse – – death bed.

Article VII: Heal Families – – Fund Healthcare/Mental Health Services

Radical self love and care is needed more than ever as issues of mental health have been unveiled during the worldwide pandemic and the recent racial unrest due to police misconduct. These issues range from depression and anger due to mistreatment to more serious issues such as bi-polar disorder to schizophrenia. We can no longer deny knowing and accepting these mental health issues as unfortunate states of being but rather show compassion and provide assistance as needed.

On this website, I have also specially addressed issues related to the familial indoctrination system which is one of the key primary sources for how children come to understand who they are and their value in society. Many families carry the legacy of not only mental health issues but racism, sexism and all the other “isms” etc. Some of the adults within these families, once victims as children, ultimately can become the perpetrators of the very system that damaged and distorted their divine identity. It is difficult not to hold them partially accountable for at least some of their behavior and circumstances. It is thought that when one knows better, one should do better if at all possible. It should also be noted, however, that not everyone can move to the next level due to personal circumstances (e.g. mental health & substance abuse). These individuals may require professional assistance such as counseling to get there. Since there are an infinite amount of choices in one’s life, it becomes painfully clear that the person who fully understands their power is in a better position to determine their fate. 

One hundred and four people (104) were shot in Chicago over the Father’s Day 2020 weekend. Thirteen (13) people died, including Amaria Jones (13 years old), who has emerged as the face of the carnage. Maria’s mother said, “The police didn’t kill my daughter. We’re killing each other off.”

Some might say I am sounding like conservative strategist, Candice Owens. I would strongly disagree. My musings are not anti-black, nor am I blaming victims (including black men being killed by law enforcement) for their circumstances. Ms. Owens often denies obvious facts but I am fully aware and “woke”about the existence of systemic racism and the privilege it affords some (not people of color). As a black woman who has experienced racism, sexism and discrimination, I still acknowledge, however, the personal power WE have, as individuals and as a collective, to make infinite choices for our own highest good. Just talk to any person of color who has “made it” in this society. They often have to confront aspects of their own weaknesses and psyche – -INNER-self & INNER-knowing (insecurity, self doubt, anger, fear, shame, guilt, failure etc.) – – in order to change this programming to achieve a dream or life vision. “Becoming ______, can only be defined by YOU and a higher power if you so choose to believe.

I am also the granddaughter of a one-armed sharecropper who was married to one spouse, raising nine children in poverty in rural Mississippi. What I learned from his legacy is that nothing is achieved without hard work, energy and effort. I learned that in spite of rejection, unfairness and injustice, one must still persevere and do the best you can within your control to move forward. I learned that CHARACTER matters especially when all you might have to stand on is your integrity. I also learned to believe in a higher power – – an energetic force that protects, guides, and gifts by grace – – those who try to live in love and harmony with self and humanity. 

So, we are sometimes victims and victimizers within our own familial stories perpetuating falsehoods and emotional, spiritual and physical violence. This is indeed trUth. Therefore, we all  have a role play in our own healing. No one can do it for you. It is not easy to accept this fact or to attempt to do it. And – – it is unreasonable to think those who made you sick in the first place, would also know how to help you or willingly choose to participate in your healing. Others can definitely show empathy, understanding and support but we all have to bear and carry our own cross to the finish line. This is a harsh trUth that must be understood in order to heal and reprogram your mind. If we do not recognize this important point, we cannot initiate and sustain the change we so desperately desire and need.

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Try one of these healing modalities until you find what resonates with you.
prayer – – meditation – – yoga – – therapy – – counseling – – dance – – silence intention – – exercise – – diet – – fellowship – – music – – volunteer – – mindfulness

Article VIII: Honor the שמיטה

Most economists are predicting a potential economic collapse coming soon. The world-wide pandemic along with racial and political uncertainty across this country have only exacerbated the current financial reality(high unemployment, business closures, market fluctuation, etc.). I am not a financial guru by a long shot but even the greatest musical genius, Stevie Wonder, can sense the writing on the wall. Even with these factors, this condition is not usual since some more knowledgeable have historically talked about the financial cycle occurring every seven years. As a nerd, I became aware of the Jewish sabbath year, also known as the “shmita or שמיטה” in Hebrew, during the 2008 economic downturn. I found the concept fascinating, and intuitively believe there is indeed a financial cycle that must be acknowledged.

Photo by Ilya on Unsplash
Understand History.“The cycles on the ferris wheel go round and 
round, all through the town.”

Recently, A growing number of major advertisers are abandoning Facebook amid criticism the social media company is letting hateful or false posts go unchecked

The sabbath year (shmita; Hebrew: שמיטה, literally “release”), also called the sabbatical year or shǝvi’it (שביעית, literally “seventh”), is the seventh year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by Torah for the Land of Israel and is observed in contemporary Judaism. During shmita, the land is left to lie fallow and all agricultural activity, including plowing, planting, pruning and harvesting, is forbidden by Jewish law.


In this section, I am issuing both a warning of sorts and offering a vision for hope. We all have been impacted economically by recent events. It behooves everyone to conservatively prepare for an impending downturn by reducing costs, storing up our resources, and helping our friends and neighbors. I can’t predict the outcome but it definitely won’t hurt to reprioritize how we use our resources and with whom we give our hard earned dollars.

To the extent one has resources, I would suggest that we use them to support the businesses in our local community to help them to thrive and grow. In the black community, it has been stated by countless others that our money comes in and goes out without necessarily being spent in the community. For example, as the black American buying power increased, the circulation of the dollar within community, still remains low as compared to other ethnicities. Personally, I have been spending my money locally for years often frequenting some of these small businesses and farmers (not all of them black owned but definitely local). Americans typically rush to spend for holidays including mass consumption during Black Friday and sample sales – – becoming the most consumption driven economy in the world.  You will NEVER see me participating in these types of events as a non-shopping female. I’d rather read a book but all of us need to commit to spend more money locally, investing in small business and farmers. Countless others, more politically astute than me, have described the economic impact this collective action could have in this country. Using this collective economic approach would give us the opportunity to strengthen our communities including the possibility of recreating many new “Black Wall Streets” across the country.

“Money circulates zero to one time within the black community, 
compared to the more than six times it circulates in the Latino 
community, nine times in the Asian community and unlimited 
an number of times within the white community.”  

University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth
Victoria Advocate 2011

Summary: 46 Seconds of Final Thoughts

‘Photo by Nan Ingraham on Unsplash

America the beautiful shall rise again.

The future of “The United States of America” is mine and yours to create. It has gotten unbelievably rough for all of us and may get a lot more messy requiring tough choices while taking off the rose colored glasses. Life is like that – – ya know. Only infants or immature individuals think you can change a society without hard work, energy and effort. You have to pay your dues to reap what you hope to sow later as the cycle of life goes round and round. It is time for us to change raising the vibration once again, personally and collectively, for the opportunity to create a more perfect union. We are uniquely poised to help raise the current world vibration as well proving the aphorism, “A rising tide lifts all boats”.

I’ve emptied my board – – “tabula rasa”.
Thinking of a Master Plan – – anticipating – hoping for a new cycle.

Are you as exhausted as me after reading my diatribe of thoughts and musings? It took me a much longer time to write this but I hope it will generate a discussion. Thinking of a MASTER PLAN for changing our country, is only the first step. The final phase  – – execution – – is the most critical. The devil is always in the details but this is my trUth for better or worse. Many other ideas about trUth exist as well. Whether there is agreement or not, we have a role, individually and collectively, to play in this current American story. Something has been said, America! What is your Master Plan – – vision and hope – – for the future?

Photo by Francisco Gomes on Unsplash

 “There are various eyes. Even the Sphinx has eyes: and as a result there are various truths, and as a result there is no truth.” 
Friedrich Nietzsche

There is divine TrUth. 

1960’s – – 1990’s – – 2020?

“The future of America is ….

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