Curse Word I: B!tch or Queen

Upon awakening one beautiful morning, after receiving some positive outcomes the day before, a wave of natural dopamine released deep within my being. I started singing and referring to myself in the third person – – my own own life coach and hype woman. While expressing gratitude and praising this flawed human, ME, for just being alive, I stretched and called myself a “lucky b!tch,” acknowledging just how far I’ve come. My life is not perfect by a long shot (my purging moments in July were a hot mess) but I would not trade my past experiences and problems with anyone. I finally got the divine “memo” outlining why things happened the way they did, my role and lesson in them and a glimpse of what is to come. For some reason, one of my self descriptive word choices triggered me to ponder whether using b!tch, even if used in a congratulatory context, was really me cursing myself. Something is being said but what?!

Words Matter! The words you use to refer to yourself and others matter. There is a section in this blog that features words every month with their definitions (the etymology, attributes or importance of what the word inherently symbolizes). All words help to create a vibrational vision for how we perceive and give meaning to ourselves, people, places and things. Some words carry high vibrational energy and some don’t seeming to almost guarantee a triggering reaction depending on the context in which and with whom it is used. How often do we ever think about the kind of energy these words possess – – blindly allowing them to manifest into reality?

All that purging (tabula rasa) last month has me feeling like Beatrix
 “The Bride” Kiddo (codename: Black Mamba)  – – after she fought her way out.

The word b!tch is one of the most common curse words in the English language. It literally means a female dog  (usually one in heat) but it is also a pejorative slang word for a person – – generally a woman – – who has certain unflattering personal traits (nasty attitude, unreasonable, malicious, or aggressive etc.). It can also be used in a praising or flattering way as a descriptive term for usually a woman – – maybe a feminist – – who is assertive and empowered (“Girl, you a bad b!tch!”). The term can even be applied to men but generally has the opposite connotation denoting weakness or maybe cowardliness. For example, the word “b!tchassness”, originally devised by Sean “Diddy” Combs during his show, The Making of the Band, is a particularly harsh pejorative word used to describe an attitude of general laziness, ineptitude or whininess. Trust and believe me, one never wants anyone to refer to you or your actions using this term.

Depending on the context, many women express outrage over the usage of the word b!tch. In our modern cultural indoctrination systems (particularly in the entertainment industry – – music, movies etc.), it is often used to degrade women  for simply being assertive or enforcing boundaries. “Why not use the word Queen or another more positive descriptive word to describe femininity?” many question. After all, who wouldn’t want to hold this high honor title and rule the world (or your own personal kingdom)? To be perfectly honest, I like the usage of the word Queen but I also view the the word “b!tch” fondly in my arsenal of favorite words precisely because it can have such raw, unapologetic POWER, both low and high vibrational energy. It’s the kind of word that can become its own exclamation point (!)…. sending out heatwaves of energy signaling that nothing more needs to be said. So for today, in my state of gratitude – – please don’t try to kill my positive vibe mindset – – I am keeping b!tch on speed dial, ready to ‘unveil” it, like a Hattori Hanzo samurai sword, to describe myself, another person or situation if it fits. Trust and believe, if I use the word, it will fit the circumstance perfectly!

Everyday you get to wake up is a great day! What will you call yourself?

“I don’t want to use my Hattori Hanzo samurai sword,” said the Queen. If I do, I’ll be called a  …

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