Why are we still playing racial politics with the nomination of vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris? Yes  – – She is the first mixed-race candidate of Indian and Jamaican descent to be nominated (who also self identifies as black). Perhaps some think her symbolism, as a person of color, is more important than her accomplishments. During her presidential campaign run for the Democratic party, she was not my favorite candidate (preferring a female candidate with the demeanor and professorial style of former US National Security Advisor, Susan Rice or former Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice). I found some of her responses disingenuous at times and less “academic”. Maybe, it was her propensity to resort to engaging in feminine flirtatious signaling (such as hair touching or tossing, posing and lip puckering etc.) that made me discount her seriousness as a future world leader. Previous world leaders, such as former first lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, or Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and former president of the European Union, displayed very little flirtatious femininity but instead maintained a stoic, matriarchal disposition that seemingly commanded a certain R-E-S-P-E-C-T (find out what it means to me … ). You know – – the kind of regard your older aunt or lead usher at the Baptist church might demand. Who can discount the symbolism of the power “pantsuit” as the preferred attire for most women in political leadership. Presidential candidate Harris also wore the same outfit but she sometimes flashed her beautiful smile and giggled while tossing her hair. “No way,” I thought. I didn’t want my world leader being a “girl” at the wrong time (only hard&black will do).

Saturday Night Live comedian, Maya Rudolph, captured some of her Kamala-isms perfectly.

Since her nomination as the Democratic vice president, I have surprisingly changed my mind about Kamala Harris. Her personal story, as the daughter of two very dynamic and accomplished immigrants, have given her more “color” and “substance” shedding some light on her internal foundation. Her life story is multifaceted as it relates to experiences and being raised by parents who happened to be conscious socially and politically aware. In addition, vice presidential candidate Harris has used her childhood foundation to build a stellar career with a rise to POWER that looks like a mosaic of America crossing diverse institutions and organizations. In other words, the woman has interacted with the best of America, gaining a first hand understanding about its citizenry and how the country works. Let’s review just a few of her career accomplishments: 

*Graduated from Howard University, the prestigious historically black college;

*Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA), a historically black sorority; 

*Graduated from University of California, Hastings College of Law;

*Established a legal career as both a District Attorney and State Attorney General in California:

*Elected Junior Senator from the State of California;

*Presidential candidate for the United States of America.

Vice presidential candidate Harris is also married, in an interracial relationship, and the step mom to two children that she loves very much. She cares about women’s issues, police reform, climate change, education and a range of other important topics. WOW!!! This, my tribe, is the definition of a bad b!tch!

For all these reasons (not simply because of her ethnicity), I have now joined the Kamala vice presidential bike tour. She is accomplished and tough enough to handle the job  – – and look damn cute doing it. Perhaps my perceptions and initial assessment of her “unveiled” my own unconscious bias (sexist indoctrination) about female leadership and what it should look like. This happens to a lot of beautiful women in the workplace. We’re taught that brains and beauty cannot coexist but this belief is absolutely false. Women leaders do not have to be stoic or matronly to rule the world or the board room. As a young woman, I played down my femininity so that leadership would take me seriously. It wasn’t until I met the most fantastically, flamboyant, purple wearing Divine Goddess – – who commanded a board room like no one on this planet – – that I loosened up my pinstripe suits and incorporated elegantly, feminine dresses into my arsenal of corporate wear. Vice presidential candidate Harris might still need to know when to use her femininity to her advantage as others try to pigeon hole her because of her looks. If my intuition is correct, she already understands this subtlety – – just ask newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, during his appointment hearings. Perhaps, it was simply “nervous” tension or the willingness to “unveil” her authenticity that led her to express her “divine femininity” at certain moments during the presidential debates.

Kamala means “lotus” and is another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi – – the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. 

Quartz India

As the 2020 election approaches, many Americans will have to decide whether to get on board the Kamala vice presidential bike tour towards the future. The power of the Divine Feminine” – – the ultimate empowered women with both brains and beauty – – is perhaps here to help shape our NU America.

Photo by Andrea Rivadossi on Unsplash

Something is being said and its about time!

It’s never too late …..

We better start educating everyone about the 2020 election.
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