A 3ACT Story: Bonded Sisters

“There once was a little black girl” who grew up to learn that life isn’t always fair. You don’t necessarily get what you want or expect but if you look for the lesson, you may just get what you need with the justice scales balanced. Perspective matters immensely so check out this little story for your own enlightened “unveiling.”

Woman are very powerful. Each woman is also uniquely different and beautiful in their own right. I have met many – – including most of my Umi’s – –  who truly value their uniqueness without negatively comparing themselves to other woman. These women have their own interests, style, personalities and dreams. I love these “Divine Feminines” – – goddesses personified in the flesh. My most memorable first encounter with one occurred in college. I spotted her walking with a powerful stride across campus. She caught my attention because of her beauty and style but I also sensed her loving “energy”. As fate would have it, we eventually became friends spending countless hours laughing and sharing our life experiences. What made me consider this woman a gift? This beauty wanted the absolute best for me. She never displayed a competitive spirit and gave the best advice. If I looked terrible for any reason or was not living up to my potential, she was the first person to get me straight (offer her clothes, hair stylist, movie or book suggestions, career or love advice, etc). I will always remember her actions as a “love litmus test” for what a real friend looks and feels like (bonded as sisters – – not by blood but by spirit) . These “Divine Feminines” like to uplift others to their level or above (pushing one to become your personal best). As a result, everyone stays shining like diamonds. 

Divine Feminines uplift other girls and women!

I have also met other women with a competitive spirit full of jealousy and envy (check out my blog entry “Tell the Truth and Shame the Kitty” for a more in-depth discussion). The “energy” around them is the opposite of the “Divine Feminine.” If you ever encounter this type of woman, you will sense it on a primal level. Your body never lies and will react accordingly (uncomfortable, queasy, etc.) so one has to pay close attention. All actions related to competitiveness, pettiness, b!tcha**ness are clear indicators you are dealing with someone who may not be a true friend or have your best interest in mind (akafrenemy). Toxic energy is “toxic” no matter how you label it. My advice to you is to find women who are on your “energetic” level (positive, supportive vibing women and leave low vibing haters together). You won’t miss wondering or second guessing if you can trust them. Even if they have had a difficult life, you are not responsible for their healing and choices in terms of how they treat people. You may have some compassion for them but reserve your kindness and valuable “energy” for individuals who deserve what you have to offer in friendship. 

Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo (codename: Black 
Mamba) was surrounded by enemies (haters or frenemies).

Just like this smart little baby, Black Mamba did not pretend to like her “haters. ” 
Yet, she defeated them all in the end by just being her divine self. 

There is more to this story (2 Thessalonians 3:3) but the main goal should be to surround yourself with women who uplift your spirit. Nothing else will do even though the “haters” have lessons to teach you about self. If you are lucky enough to encounter a “Divine Feminine,” consider yourself a blessed woman indeed.

Planting Seed Lessons: Try to look for women who genuinely 
love themselves and you. They will enrich your life and 
friendship with you each bearing fruit beyond expectations.

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