2020…kicking in the door screaming 444

2020 has proven to be the year of trUthful unveiling. My mama use to say “what goes on in the dark, eventually comes to the light”. As such, it has exposed our past and present deeds (high and low vibrational) revealing who we really are and our deepest fears. The state of अविद्या (Avidyā) – – to not know, not perceive, not see, not understand” – – can’t be sustained under such intense scrutiny. Everything we thought we knew is undergoing an authentic review even if we never admit it publicly or consciously. Even if you are not spiritual, your current awakening after confronting the abyss will forever change your perspective on self, others and your place in the world. We are not invincible. We are not separate from our fellow man. Our actions have consequences. This is trUth!

Many people once believed everything they heard without an investigation, critique or an  internal assessment (listening to their INNER-knowing which some believe has “perfect vision”). They even deliberately rationalized what they saw or knew to sustain their state of unconsciousness. That’s why some of the recent scandals and hearsay is still kind of hard to believe. But what If …..

the unbelievable stories were trUe and the seemingly factual were false …. all verifiable and supported by data, video, audio tape, texts and receipts?

Dedicated to “The One” who is dismantling the art of misdirection and dis-information.

J. W.

Perhaps this will lead to a kind of humbling fall from grace to a place where we are now receptive for divine, intuitive instruction. This gift from the universe might give us the insight to do what we were put here to do (destiny) representing the best of the human spirit. The new sound of democracy is screaming to be heard. We think we know what it looks like but it could be reimagined a-Nu with a sound that rearranges molecular structure going towards something you never ever heard or experienced before. This new creative energy may display a kind of recklessness pushing us forward without knowing the final outcome. But, a Nu Amẹríkà awaits between the beats. My heart’s eyes and ears are now open to the loving sound and wisdom of this universal voice.

John Coltrane: The tenor saxophone star, big picture thinker, 
artistic genius and celestial spiritual giant masterfully presenting
 the science/math connection and the infinite within jazz.

444 x φ = Nu Amẹríkà

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