Game Over

I received an official confirmation that my mail-in ballot was counted for the 2020 presidential election. Early media reports are showing a significant influx of requests for mail-in ballots so I’m not the only one utilizing this option. I must admit, however, being slightly unsure about the process and wondering if my vote would mysteriously disappear. More people have taken this route in an attempt to exercise their civic duty and to protect their safety during a national pandemic. Many young adults are surprisingly not focused on which voting strategy to use but rather still questioning the fundamental impact of voting believing it may not matter who is in office. They are frustrated and believe both political parties (Democrats and Republicans) are lacking. The recent shenanigans and ineffectiveness by our politicians have been “exposed” after the removal of carefully constructed civic personas (masks) and the current disinformation campaigns. All the games being played right now – – voter suppression, fear mongering about alleged mail-in ballet fraud, COVID-19 misinformation – – are rampant as we approach Nov 3. Something is being said very loudly! All I can say is “Let My People Vote” please– – using all the safe and legal options available within our democratic society. After all, America once promoted open and free elections around the world serving as an example for what they should look like. 

Honest Abe ain’t never lied ya’ll. 

Our democracy is being threatened but the game ain’t over until its over! 

It still astonishes me how some are rationalizing the blatant hypocrisy revolving around the right to vote in 2020. There seems to be no shame or remorse for reneging on our democratic principles. Yet, we should not really be surprised since we also often forget just how much personal character matters – – immensely. My grandfather, a simple and very wise man, always stressed the importance of this personality trait in any man. It will tell you a lot about a human being – – without signifying perfection. He believed that there is always potential for collaboration or working out a conflict with a man or woman with real character (possessing authentic integrity, honesty, kindness, reasonable, fair etc.). A person void of such traits is often unable and unwilling to see the bigger picture being prone to self interest, greed and perhaps lacking in emotional intelligence (you know the thing that makes us different from animals). We have all received a rude awakening threatening the future of America. 

All games are being revealed in politics, entertainment, corporations, religion, education… 

This life is really but a dream.

I just can’t personally play the current confusing games in terms of what I see and hear bellowing recently from our politicians and some of the propaganda media. It is ridiculous and insulting listening to the type of stories coming out now about the upcoming election designed to keep us off the substantive issues (COVID-19 – its seriousness, who has it or who is mysteriously immune to it; diverse political agendas to save our economy; the future of our legal system and the raging racial battle brewing just below the surface just to name a few). This is where my logical and intuitive minds collide with a vengeance seeking trUth and solutions without getting caught up into the mind games and traps designed to keep us all in confusion and off balance. 

So, you recovered from COVID-19 in 3 days?

“Whatcha talkin’ bout 45?”

Most Americans recognize the importance of making a clear statement, via voting, to indicate our hopes for America’s future. We also recognize corruption when we see it but steering clear of the confusion isn’t easy. If this is a desired goal, one must do what it is in our control to make a difference as well as co-create and empower our leaders, who demonstrate authentic character, to lead the charge for a fair election process. The “fix” (aka 2020 election gate) may already be in progress but nothing is “set in stone” unless we let it be so. None of these narratives being reported have to be accepted as fact or reality either unless we choose to give it energy and participate. 

People have real challenges happening in their lives in 2020. They need real solutions too. There is a lot of political maneuvering for power but remember it takes two to play in any game. “I ain’t got time for that,” said YouTube sensation, Sweet Brown, a few years ago while describing her encounter with a raging house fire. Ms. Brown and I are in total agreement. I respect and appreciate receiving the “hard&black truth no chaser” especially when forced to respond to critical life events and time is of the essence. Tell me what it is and I’ll make my own decision and master plan (in the best interest for myself and others). We also have the option to not participate (respond, not react) in the games leaving the players alone in their foolery. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting back and watching all the “house of cards” fold “unveiling” the hidden details and trUth. Believe me … the game will be over when the collective is more focussed on the vision for co-creating a Nu Amẹríkà and not debating the cult of personality currently controlling the country’s narrative. 

Straight, No Chaser? Sounds good to me, Mr. Monk.

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