Green Nirvana

There is such a place, you know–

one that transcends time and space

and visions of what you’re supposed to resemble, 

and the limits placed by the digits

of your mortal age.

I can feel the presence of it 

in my bones,

where the sky is never ending and liberated

and the sun and moon 

can openly converse and love and exist,

without the rules of superiors

who like tragic love stories and twisted histories.

Whatever you decide to do, whatever you decide to feel, 

there are no restraints

to keep you from the prospects of flying, 

or dreaming,

or embracing things that you had to 

let go of in another existence.

There is no fear, confusion, or awkwardness,

no doubts of not belonging, 

of not deserving to exist in such a place 

where your soul can be pure,

and being able to thrive 

without having to try so hard 


You don’t have to try anymore to 

be a good person, 

because you are one.

You don’t have to struggle to hold on to yourself,

you don’t have to feign ignorance 

or enlightenment.

You can breathe and smile openly,

and every smile is so breathtakingly beautiful that

you glow and transcend above all heavens

and insecurities.

The ground is soft and supportive,

giving way to your feet, that no longer

feel so tired and heavy from having to labor to live,

or from constantly running away 

from demons and voices 

that tear at your conscience and soul.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

No, you can now feel as light as air itself,

soft feet running on sunkissed clouds that

formed from tears of happiness.

When it rains, 

you don’t have to take cover

for it has already washed away all your sorrows and guilts,

guilts in the forms of hot, suppressed tears

in the failures of your lost ambitions

and stolen discoveries,

guilt from turning away, even when someone

asked you for help.

You can forever venture out here, 

to unknown, misty, thriving islands and majestic palaces

far away,

you can do things you never got to do,

for you don’t have to pretend

to be someone you aren’t.

You don’t have to live each day questioning

every single telltale of life.

You don’t have to wonder anymore

about why the world can be

such a cruel place,

no matter how many rays of hope

reach into the darkness.

You don’t have to wonder anymore,

because here

such misery does not exist,

and the ruins of a good soul

dance as a renewed, enlightened being again.

Above all,

you don’t have to live someone else’s life

because here, you find yourself

over and over

and over again.

Written By Winter Sakuras

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