Who Got the Power?

The 2020 election is finally here. No matter who wins, Democrat or Republican, a sea change has begun. The future of the Unites States of America is already being set in motion on the verge of “unveiling” our collective destiny. Our recent protests and activism, organized around diverse issues like the Poor People’s Campaign, #MeToo Movement, Black Live Matter, Pro Choice Movement, Civil Rights Movement, Climate Change, LBGTQ Rights, Human Rights, Health Care for All…, are also at all time high exposing areas where this country has fallen below expectations. These important movements are ushering in change demanding a Nu vision for the country as well. There is no indication that any of them will cease, no matter who is in office, nor should they stop their efforts. The only question that remains is whether we will expand America’s vision truly becoming “one nation under God” or continue to be divided based upon the issues that seemingly separate us. 

“We got to demand better.”

NBA Coach Doc Rivers

As a country comprised of the haves and have nots, we had forgotten that all people matter indeed and deserve to be treated with both dignity and respect. Irrespective of race, issues of class have also been allowed to fester unchecked. It has taken courage to face what has been and to demand changes (getting to the root of the issues) but many really brave Americans are doing just this in different ways. As a result, many important changes have already started to organically manifest within the populous. We should all learn about these efforts and support them even if it is simply to offer encouragement or contribute to the dialogue forcing a thoughtful conversation outside the current narrative. A Nu thing is being done because time’s up and maybe it is even divinely guided to occur. Whether we move forward together or continue being divided, the final outcome will cause a ruckus with groups having a different perspective (glass half full or half empty). We just have to keep trying to make the country better. 

Dedicated to G. Moon.

We know who really has the power and control.


The promise of a Nu Amẹríkà is waiting to be birthed. It is much BIGGER than our individual self interest resting firmly in the POWER of forming a collective Nu agenda (vision and plan). Whatever we choose to become will be determined by “US,” we the people, and whether we have the guts and fortitude to dream and fight for a more perfect union. Even if it doesn’t appear that one has any control, you can still exert your influence, however small it might be, to effect most situations and outcomes. We do have the POWER to change things – – state by state – – vote by vote – – person by person – – heart by heart.

No matter who wins . . . change is happening!

Did did you hear about …….

Killer Mike launches new Greenwood Banking 
Platform geared towards Black and Latin customers.
Photo by Cecilie Johnsen on Unsplash

California passes law requiring corporations 
to hire minority or LGBT directors and forms 
reparations task force.
Karen Crackdown: New Illinois law makes 
it a felony to assault employees enforcing 
COVID-19 mask rules.

This is what a Nu Amẹríkà could sound 

like reflecting our collective love for all.

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