Double-Minded For What?!?

As the 2020 election is close to being officially called, no one can say that the previous fours years were a fluke or anomaly. The current polling data – – state by state, person by person – – is clearly showing similar voting patterns with some interesting changes in certain populations as well. Some are now referring to the United States of America as the “divided states of america,” comprised of many sub-factions with diverse agendas too many to name. But, they are also failing to acknowledge the obvious. We have never really melted into ONE nation with a unified vision. Perhaps, this is not even desirable or possible anyway without an authentic effort to “unveil,” acknowledge and respect our common humanity, contributions and destiny. 

In reality, we are like a large cauldron of gumbo  – – filled with different ingredients (some not tasty by themselves and they don’t seem to go together). But, the heated cauldron transforms the brew, along with the seasonings and ingredients, into an entirely Nu and delicious thing. At least, one hopes this is the case. Everyone knows, however, that depending on the chef and the amount or quality of ingredients, the gumbo will taste differently (sometimes amazing and sometimes not so much)! Your own effort and taste buds will determine the final outcome. 

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

Mark 3:25

Just like any gumbo, our last four years have exposed “US” whether we choose to acknowledge this fact or not. The private issues of the heart (quality of the ingredients) have been “illuminated” by the light. Our past and current values are on full display. This election has been a spiritual indictment directed to judge the heart of America forcing “US” to evaluate our past choices. We will either reach higher towards love, tolerance, and peace and away from past prejudices, fear and hatred, or we will fall more into a fiery abyss of intolerance to our shame. 

What happens henceforth is quite serious. The final outcome is not final even once the next president is confirmed as a reckoning awaits. A divided nation has to be healed enough to survive especially with the kind of “unchecked” and “unhinged” behaviors we’ve witnessed. A lot of real work still needs be done in this county. This has been “illuminated” and pretending otherwise is to be in a state of delusion. No one political party is totally responsible (even though “45 and crew” have done an unbelievable job of triggering and “unveiling” our collective past and present problems, mental state and short comings). This election has further placed the worst of America on “front street” around the world (black colloquialism for putting your business and negative attributes out in the public eye) but it has also withstood a terrible assault to our country’s principles. If any of one of us believes that our decisions aren’t a clear reflection of our core values, we got some splainin to do! A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways indeed! And, serving two masters is impossible in the long run. So whatever happens next, we cannot be completely surprised. Brace yourself for a spicy experience …

Pastor P. White said what?

No words for “Karen” … just listen to this response.

I’m in my feelings a little …lol

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