Increase The Frequency

Just as the eagle that rises above storms

 I Increase The Frequency to ascend my soul,

 flying high and mighty soaring in the heavens

 overcoming life’s perils with  illumination,

 a greater awareness and a wider perception

 is a master key to one of life’s greater lessons,

 pondering life’s great mysteries with epic meditation

 the higher the vibes the higher the exaltation,

 the frequency increases like gamma rays of light baptized with electrical fire

 fine tuning the strings of my heart with noble desires,

 attaining heights that burn with life

 to climb, to conquer this passage of time,

 to see it through the illusions to alchemize

 transforming the spirit with revolution eyes,

 to attain knowledge my crown chakra ignites

 33 steps to Heaven,       I attain the light

Written By Adam Sarian

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