Self Confident AF

I recently spoke to a mentor. She is one of the most confident and trUthful women you’d ever want to meet. Unapologetically black, female, mother, former business owner and now elder stateswoman. After speaking with her and listening to her perspective on life, I realized once again there is so much more to learn. I also remembered one of my favorite poets, Ms. Nikki Giovanni. These two ladies are from the same generation – – the ultimate agent provocateurs – – hard&black no chaser. All you can do is listen, learn and pay respect. Their wisdom is too powerful to dismiss. Ohhh chile … We might not be ready to hear what they have to say but to not be interested and awestruck is to be arrogant indeed! 

I stand on your shoulders Queens! We all do.

You may not always understand its position but the
 “MOON” is too real and illuminating to be ignored. 

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