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Democracy was attacked directly this week in such a way as to cross political affiliation, racial identity and gender alike rattling the most sacred and entrenched foundational principles held by most Americans. Democracy, the system of government guiding our country, was severely tested with American ideals being dragged into the gutter on the world stage. Yet, as questions abound in this current saga, one main IDEA has elevated itself to the forefront once again. Something has been said because we were forced to remember that DEMOCRACY is worth the effort!

In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell – – Novelist, Essayist, Journalist, Critic and Agent Provocateur

At the onset of 2021, I looked back on my previous New Years post in 2020 to reflect on the lessons of the past year shedding light on this historic moment in his-tory. At the time, I proclaimed the sweetness of possibilities without ever recognizing the unbelievable events to come. How could such seemingly opposing frequencies (high/low vibrational energy) coexist and oscillate so frequently within one year? Wow! At this juncture, I will still proclaim it again. 2020 was the year of sweetness but with a sobering bitterness of reality – – exposure, unraveling, revelations, retribution, payback and comeuppance. A reckoning came thrashing through as truUh continued to be “unveiled” by a two edged sword. Some of these events helped to expose the varied viruses within our borders that needed to be dealt with for the sake of our society and collective humanity. Most of us were acutely aware of these diverse issues but some chose to ignore or negate the implications and potential consequences. It all came down to the personal choices we made each and every day. Past experience has taught me a lot about how to process challenges and tests and to understand the valuable lessons inherently present within all situations (failure, success, sickness and in health). The same lessons learned in the past are helpful even in 2021 – – particularly if you so desire to search for deeper trUths within. 

So as the New Year births Nu possibilities once again, let’s discuss a few poignant lessons from 2020:

RIP Ecstasy – Whodini 

2020 Lesson #1: We are ONE (dysfunctional) Human Family

As a world-wide pandemic has proven, humanity really is ONE (dysfunctional and interconnected regardless of race, class, ethnicity, gender, zodiac sign etc) but we often choose to forget this most basic concept. As many people lost their lives across the globe, COVID-19 proved to be an equal opportunity virus (even  though a disproportionate impact was on people of color). Our individual actions had a direct and indirect impact on “others” even if some denied the obvious. Yet, many people still banded together helping neighbor and stranger alike in small and big ways. Our world may have been turned upside down but many recognized our collective self interest and did what was necessary for the the survival of the “other”. LOVE became an action word as we all appreciated those most dear and made personal sacrifices along the way. This mind-set will hopefully continue because we have room for improvement and no choice but to recognize our common humanity – – person by person, heart to heart – –  eventually.

king calloway

2020 Lesson #2: Divide and Conquer Works 

Many have focussed on our leadership’s divisiveness as the catalyst for the current state of our Union. 2020 exposed, however, our trUe soul as a country still struggling to become a more perfect union. Yes – –  We are most definitely divided but democracy (with a capitol D) is a work in progress. The challenge being presented today is for “US” to commit to doing the work necessary to embrace the principles as defined by our stated laws and Constitution. If we want to change our country and its indoctrination systems (the mind control institutions) that helped to create the mindset of our citizenry, we have to become an essential part of the system altering its core goals and infrastructure. This can be achieved from the inside (agent provocateur) and/or via outside influence (protest).

No matter what happens, we have seen the effects of what the tactic of divide and conquer can do if unchecked and unhinged. If you mislead people uniformly, you can control them. If you lead people into chaos, you can mislead them from the trUth of self and country. If you really teach people to think critically for themselves and to question information, they can gain real freedom and autonomy as the powers that be loose control. So, the most effective strategy used is to separate people so that they do not see or recognize their common humanity. Divide and conquer works – – very, very well. We’re not a threat if we remain divided and subject to mind control (mental slavery) by others who lead “US” to conspire against our own self interest and do not want to usher in an era full of Nu possibilities for humanity. We have to change this narrative.

“What makes us “US” is primitive. Learning is always a painful process.” 

Lucy (2014)

2020 Lesson #3: Life Long Learning Mandate – Evolve or Perish

I’m not the same person. Are U? 2020 forced me to look at self, experiences and others more deeply once more. You also always have to know whom one can really trust to tell you the absolute hard& black trUth. As a result, I had to change some of my behaviors to come into alignment with the realities of pandemic life as well correct my own actions (following a self assessment and review of higher self goals). I’m still very much flawed (work in progress) but growth and transformation were a natural offshoot of going through unbelievable situations and experiences. It seems to me that change is a key component for human evolution. We are constantly being challenged to evolve or perish physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally as humans. Whatever doesn’t match your highest good or intention towards self and others, remaining unchecked, could force you into repeating hard lessons and/or manifesting unintentional consequences. Nothing about this process is easy and “unveiling” what is authentically for you can be surprising but it is a necessary trUth that must be embraced for growth.

As we all welcome 2021, we cannot forget the many lessons of the past year. So, congratulations to “US”. We made it this far after some tough challenges including regrettable losses but we also gained clarity about ourselves, others, our world and what is most important. There is no turning back once you KNOW. Now what will we do, individually and as a collective, in 2021 with this knowledge? Change happened as we ushered in a Nu year. Even though some are fighting for the status quo to remain the same, our possibilities are still endless. 

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