Time For Change

2021 will be the year of massive change as our indoctrination systems (educational, familial and societal) are forced to evolve within the framework of COVID-19. The inherent weaknesses, faulty structures, calcified approaches, unimaginative narratives can no longer be hidden as the “unveiling” has already commenced. In other words, the ineffective systems  – – not simply its citizenry – – have generated intended and unintended consequences that “WE” have to address and fix politically and socially – – or not. What on earth will “WE THE PEOPLE”  do as a collective? The one thing I know for sure is that change is a requirement for growth but the requirements for change are not easy. It will cause angst and possibly hurt even more than what we’ve already experienced. Some may even temporarily lose hope, ground or power. However, everyone – – including me – – will now be held accountable for our role and actions in perpetuating the faulty system of the past. The unknown reality is whether “WE” will maintain some degree of U-N-I-T-Y during the current transformational process.

Photo by Utsman Media on Unsplash
There are individual sand granules but collectively 
joined together they can can create a distinct formation.

We need not, however, fear change in the long run. Our Nu Amẹríkà is due for an overhaul of sorts anyway. Change is an offshoot of the human condition. We’ve done it many times before ultimately choosing to surrender for the advancement of mankind. Evidence of this belief can be seen in all aspects of life. No human remains the same as we transform from an embryo into adulthood. If we hope to change our bodies, modifications have to be made in diet, exercise and sleeping habits. Upon entering a university, change is required to assimilate all the new information and experiences inherently present in such a rich learning environment. And if you want to change a society at its core, people within have to reach a point of frustration and possibly defeat – – choosing to let go of the the outdated, antiquated or inaccurate – – with the intention of pursuing and creating systems that may more accurately reflect our grandest ideals and core values necessary for a civilized society. The possibilities are indeed endless, with many avenues yet to be explored, assuming “WE” are focussed on the end goal and the small steps needed to produce the desired outcomes. Setbacks and failure are inevitable since success is not guaranteed (and no one may know what is truly best for us all) but with each choice “WE” get the opportunity to do better than before.

“Can’t Rain All The Time”

The Crow

So, wake up everyone! Something has been said! The sands of change are moving – – a sort of cosmic rain ready to wash away the old (any residual falsehoods, lies and deceit) grain by grain for the purpose of rebuilding something of value. Get ready for the unbelievable and be willing to relearn what “WE’VE” been taught in order to create Nu systems of governance. Our ancestors are whispering the same message once more. “IT’S TIME …..”

MLK helped to champion the Civil Rights movement. 

What changes will “WE” produce in 2021?
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