The Chosen’s Anthem

What does it mean to live a valued life? And, how does one know if you are blessed or chosen? Many attribute being “blessed” as having an abundance of material possessions and money. While these things are indeed important, many rich people can tell you that they do not necessarily mean one is happy and living without problems (just look at the lives of many celebrities). Some attribute being “blessed” as having health, peace of mind and loving relationships. These benefits often go undervalued when compared to riches but one soon finds just out how difficult life can be without their presence. We can all have far less financially yet still possess an abundance of love, laughter and health and feel truly grateful and happy. Many pay homage to their spiritual connection, no matter the specific religion, to a higher power as being foundational to a purposeful life. All of these variables have merit but in my life, there is a higher premium on my spiritual relationship along with peace of mind than material possessions alone. Don’t get me wrong … I appreciate the comforts that money can buy but I never placed higher value on material things above authentic love. What about you? Perhaps, the feeling of being “blessed” comes from appreciating whatever one has realizing that they are gifts from the most high to be grateful for however long one has them and for whatever comforts they offer. 

DMX – Authentic, Fearless & Vulnerable
“I sold my soul to the Devil, and the price was cheap
And yo, it’s cold on his level, ’cause it’s twice as deep
But you don’t hear me, ignorance is bliss and so on
Sometimes it’s better to be thought dumb – shall I go on?
Yo, on the real, what the deal? It’s a mystery
How is it I can live and make history?
If you don’t see it, then it wasn’t meant for you to see
If you wasn’t born with it, it wasn’t meant for you to be.”


In this life, GRATITUDE is one of the key components of being blessed. The gifts we receive are often temporary in an atmosphere where it is difficult to maintain balance in mind, body and spirit. We cannot escape the abundance of hardships and life lessons (the good, bad, and ugly) that help US to evolve – – perhaps for the better if so desired. The main point is to extract the “lessons” and learn from it ALL. It is even okay to repeat a lesson (two, three, four etc.) until you pass or don’t. But isn’t it still a “blessing” to be selected as one of “the chosen” who is allowed to follow your own unique life path, co-creating with the most high, while trying to make sense of this opportunity you’ve been given? Since there is no coincidence, we all have something of value to contribute and share from our experiences. Hopefully, we can grow from the mosaic of our opportunities, challenges, successes and failures in order to create a STORY worth sharing. Perhaps, a more loving, peaceful world awaits at the end.


The Chosen’s Anthem – He IS Risen 


Final Thought Maybe this Anthem resonates as well ….


Not the Ruff Ryders Anthem but still ICONIC. 

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