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Authentic CHANGE often comes with conflict and strife – – and more strife – – before a break through occurs. These are my thoughts after seeing the wave of new shootings of unarmed black men by police officers. Recent cases have proven once again that some lives matter more than others. With this consistent “unveiling,” it makes one wonder how does it all end. When is enough, ENOUGH?!? Perhaps the path to justice is not so straight and narrow as some might propose. Changing our laws might not be enough. Systemic changes within our legalized policing agencies, such as retraining and community policing, may not solve this pervasive entrenched problem. While enforcing accountability for actions is a necessary component, it might not solve this issue either since there is something else inherently triggering these costly interactions. Yet, when the most high says CHANGE, the situation is bound to a certain eventuality with a path paved with outcomes too auspicious to predict. Just remembering the impact of George Floyd’s tragic death across the globe is enough to realize that we cannot anticipate which situation will cause a resounding alarm to STOP the madness currently being enforced upon black and brown peoples in this country and elsewhere.

Two Distant Strangers
This is a must watch Netflix film (short and poignant). It suggests that 
no matter what those who are targeted DO, the END result is set in stone. 


The tragic killing of unarmed citizens by law enforcement must CHANGE, however, regardless of how long it takes. Since the obvious solutions (legal, community awareness, retraining etc.) are not preventing the current outcomes from occurring, it made me wonder what could be the missing ingredient from the equation? My first thought is that we have not given the system enough time to resolve, CHANGE and evolve across the board, state by state, city by city, precinct by precinct. Perhaps this is true to a minor extent especially since not all law enforcement across the country has embraced the call for CHANGE. Circumstances did not get to be this way overnight for people of color and it won’t CHANGE just because it is the morally correct thing to do. As I continued pondering about this particular issue more, the same message kept ringing trUe for me as well. This problem is a physical manifestation of a deeper spiritual mis-education that has been constructed to keep us all locked into disharmony and hate. Racism is the real virus infecting the world since the original colonizers indoctrinated US all. Until our policing system (its workforce and those with similar mindsets) can see our common humanity, we will continue to bear witness to the senseless shootings of unarmed black men and women. 

Photo by Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash

Something has been said! It has to CHANGE! Repeat!

For me personally, I still hold firm that CHANGE can and will happen – – eventually – – but the missing ingredient remains in the POWER of the most high. Our relationship with spirit and commitment to prayer can CHANGE things  – – both BIG and small. There have also always been spiritual people in the world who’ve demonstrated their POWER to influence and alter the course of humanity by their very presence and demonstration of courage and love with a single minded focus to bring forth justice out of injustice. Nelson Mandela. Martin Luther King. Mother Teresa. Mahatma Gandhi. Big Mamma. Grandpa Keiser. Uncle Junior, etc. We all benefited from their efforts and sacrifices for CHANGE even if they could only just “survive” so that we could be here now. In addition, whatever name you choose to acknowledge as your spiritual influencer also provided the wisdom and guidance that we embraced as humans with the stated intention to become ONE, in relationship, with our creator. Is there any doubt that humanity has fallen short? Must we continue failing? There are just too many of US woke enough to impact this current situation to CHANGE the collective reality in our own unique way – heart by heart – challenging and forcing the stubborn pendulum to swing the other way. 

I simply could not resist this video. Watch the aunties show US how its done!

It’s time to CHANGE! REPEAT!

Today, my spirit gives a shout out to my TRIBE with a request to dive deep into your war rooms (if you don’t know then I’m not talking to you) to do what you’ve been called to do. We have a divine mission and purpose too important to dismiss. All the other concrete CHANGES must be done to correct the official policing system as well but the virus of racism underlies this particular battle. And we must get it at the ROOTS this time spiritually and systemically (as above, so below). You might wonder if I am hopeful or scared for our future. Both responses actually resonate because success is not guaranteed especially if one desires to make a CHANGE. But I do know the weapons of warfare are no match for the most high. We have been led to this battle. In the Art of …, no weapon formed against US in the long run shall prosper even if a loss of life occurs. Our loved ones simply remain spiritual heroes and heroines in the most high’s vast army of warriors. Our duty is to honor their contribution and sacrifice in order to carry on to fulfill the mission. 

Photo by kalei peek on Unsplash

Final thought, we are all here with a divine purpose. It may sound elementary but somehow we have forgotten this important point. My TRIBE may look and express themselves uniquely but the purity of the spirit is consistent with the original “seed” planted within our hearts. Many don’t understand or appreciate US but they shall in the end. They shall all one day recognize the collective, divine humanity, power and glory bestowed upon US by the most high – – when it is all said and done.

Father. Son. Brother. Sister. Nephew. Cousin. Wife. Uncle. Husband.

We can all slip and fall but this way is unjust.

We see U. We luv U. We will change for U. 


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