H^eart Condition

Be careful how you treat people. I learned these words of wisdom at some point in my youth. Was it it during the Baptist church revival with grandma? Was it in school listening to a teacher intervening in a conflict between students? Was it learned from the Saturday cartoons – – Bugs Bunny or maybe Sesame Street? Perhaps, it was imbedded in the books I devoured alone in my room particularly within the sacred pages of the Bible? Regardless of when I first heard this message, I have since witnessed its validity and trUthfulness time and time again in my own personal actions and interactions with others. TrUst and believe – – I have many stories of me receiving repercussions after mistreating someone. I wasn’t always ready for the hard&black consequences either. Ouch! The flip side of this experience is also consistent with similar results happening to others who mistreated me as well. Consequences never came when most desired but in the distance, the hand of justice always catches up – – eventually. By then, however, you might not even care too much about the past event (especially if you find the lesson in the experience). Transcending these human infractions is an option for some in the end game – – not just sabotage, retaliation or revenge. But, we all still pay for our “energy” (words, thoughts and deeds in action) whether conscious or not. So … Be very careful how you treat others.

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Our actions with others always say a lot about US. These encounters highlight our personal character (high and low vibrational energy) coexisting within our h^earts. Sometimes we take the highest path of consciousness – – LOVE. We also choose to embrace one of the low the vibrational energies of hate, selfishness, greed, jealousy and envy. Notice I said EMBRACE in the last sentence. Why you ask? It is a natural human condition for US to feel both energies (love and hate) yet there is a choice and only ONE vibration keeps you in alignment with the most high. So … Be very, very careful how you treat others.

In the end, perhaps our lives will be evaluated based upon the balance between the positive versus low vibrational energy we have EMBRACED within our h^earts and directed out into this world. If the scales are balanced or the weight is heavier on the high vibrational side in spite of imperfections and mistakes, then the divine may look fairly upon our efforts in the long run granting success. And maybe if we’ve hurt others or bring destruction and pain continuously, even after knowing there is another high vibrational choice, the scales will tip the other direction going out of balance and not in our favor resulting in failure. All of us have fallen from grace at some point yet an unwritten expectation still remains for the possibility for CHANGE, growth and expansion. Consequences are waiting for US either way it goes.

The final judgement ultimately resides in the wisdom of the most high – – and definitely not in my imperfect, opinionated mind. We all need to know our own soul (man or woman behind the mask) as well as your rank (for those who know, you know). Money, fame and religion do not necessarily translate into divine wisdom. Some suggest that both success and failure, in this life, are decided via many variables (known and hidden) depending on your character, values and opportunities. Yet, one truth remains undeniable for me even though we all make human mistakes while fulfilling our divine purpose. I’ll say it again now. Be very, very careful how you treat others, my friend. Your actions will “unveil” the honest condition of your h^eart.

“Lord please judge us by our h^earts and not our mistakes.”

How do you rank?

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