American Dream

Living the American dream isn’t always as it seems.

Fancy cars, movie stars. 

Pain filled lives, filled with scars.

“I’ve got it all. My life is good. 

Everything seems as it should.

I can do it myself. 

Life is all about me.” 

That’s what they say because they can’t see.

Pain filled lives with no hope to find, 

for to true happiness they are blind.

“Do what you want for tomorrow we die.” 

It’s the way many live, but inside they cry.

They can’t see why their world is a mess. 

They’ve lost their way but won’t confess.

To surrender is the only way to be free.

But if they won’t hear it, they’ll never see.

We must show the world how to lose their chains.

They need to know God cares for their pains.

The American dream shouldn’t be about me.

To so many it is, and they simply won’t see.

Written By Ophelia Flowers

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