Nobody’s Misfit

Ms. Lauren Hill

This post is just a little congratulatory salute to Lauryn Noelle Hill – – American Neo soul singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, record producer and agent provocateur – –  who created one of the greatest pieces of art  – – The Miseducation of Lauren Hill. Some consider this body of work to be one of the best albums of all time. Her beauty, wisdom, artistry, bravado and trUthfulness were undeniable then. Even now, as a recent song called NOBODY featured on esteemed rapper Nas’ new album – – King Disease II – – so clearly demonstrates, she remains the authentically talented, Ms. Hill. 

Ms. Hill’s journey since the famed album has been filled with speculation, public gossip, drama and hearsay from “others” who did not understand or support her absence or creative journey as well as her personal mistakes. She remained steadfast and resolute to follow a unique path least favored by artists in honor of her own spiritual growth co-creating for a divine purpose. I do not profess to know the actual trUth of her life events, however, certain experiences resonate for me not just in the high points but the low ones as well. To be persecuted or misunderstood, if you are not following the crowd, is to be expected. What is often unexpected is the relentless pursuit and abuse of your PERSONHOOD for simply walking and living your trUth as unconventional as it might appear to “others” especially when you are not hurting anyone. The expectations of “others” for you, no matter how unfair or intrusive to personal freedom, can be difficult to navigate. Perhaps this is the path designated for only those souls – – some might mislabel as crazy, weird or misfits – – with missions too profound to easily dissect with the ordinary “eye”.  There is NOBODY like Ms. Hill but thank God she chose to just be herself (ups/downs, highs/lows, lies/trUths, pain/growth etc.). This is the reality of self acceptance and radical self love in action. Ultimately, a final assessment will be “unveiled” about her highlighting all that was previously missed or MIS-understood. We’ve all been MISeducated, remember? So, listen to Ms. Hill and tell me she ain’t what I know her to BE. 

Bold. Authentic. Divine.

[Verse 3: Lauryn Hill 2:40]
All my time has been focused on my freedom now
Why would I join ’em when I know that I can beat ’em now?
They put their words on me, and they can eat ’em now
That’s probably why they keep on tellin’ me I’m needed now
They tried to box me out while takin’ what they want from me
I spent too many years living too uncomfortably
Making room for people who didn’t like the labor
Or wanted the spoils, greedy, selfish behavior
Now let me give it to you balanced and with clarity
I don’t need to turn myself into a parody
I don’t- I don’t do the shit you do for popularity
They clearly didn’t understand when I said “I Get Out” apparently
My awareness like Keanu in The Matrix
I’m savin’ souls and y’all complainin’ ’bout my lateness
Now it’s illegal for someone to walk in greatness
They want the same shh, but they don’t take risks
Now the world will get to see it’s own reflection
And the anointed can pursue their own direction
And if you’re wrong and you’re too proud to hear correction
Walk into the hole you dug yourself, fuck a projection
See me in my freedom taking all my land back
They sent a lot against me thinking I’d just stand back
I got my legs beneath me, I got my hands back
A lot of people sabotaged, they couldn’t stand that
I turned the other cheek, I took blow after blow
There’s so much crisis in the world ’cause you reap what you sow
When you keep what you know is meant for someone else
The ditch you dig for them, you might just end up in yourself
I’m in the secret place, I keep a sacred space
They keep showin’ their hands, but keep hidin’ their face
If I’m a messenger, you block me then you block the message
So aggressive, the world you made is what you’re left with
Pride and ego over love and truth is fucking reckless
Y’all ni**as got a death wish, the stupid leaves me breathless

Love you Nas! L Boogie did her thang!

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