To Masculinity

Some folks say that you’re toxic,

and destroying all the world.

Some folks say that you’re reckless,

and just want to feel up girls.

I think you’re like a fire,

a great tool in the right hands,

but able to turn quickly

and sear the foolish man.

Once upon a time we knew

what boys would be trained to be.

We taught them to wield the flame

that is masculinity.

Those who would do without it,

are brainless, spineless clods;

Life is not a therapy session,

it’s a fight against long odds!

To fight that fight without it

never ends all that well.

The vicious kill the peaceable types,

or corrupt them into their hell.

Without a strong mind standing

on lines drawn in the dirt,

we’d lose our lives or lose our souls

to the monsters of the Earth.

Photo by Lians Jadan on Unsplash

And let’s not forget the home life,

the one that we know best.

We’ve got young boys playing gangster,

or becoming men without chests.

Going hard to both extremes,

unaware of the middle path,

without the old code’s guidance,

they’re either lazy or full of wrath.

And men who once built things,

now sit home and get cash,

not ashamed at getting handouts,

their souls atrophy quite fast.

Other ‘men’ still make money,

spreading buzzwords, lies, and fear.

They feel no shame because honor

to them is dumb and weird.

So to you I am asking this,

though the softer types may squeal,

your presence is requested,

your fury, passion, zeal.

Your role here is important,

without you we cannot be.

I’ll teach my kids to now your name,

to know masculinity.


Written By David Welch

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