Squid Game Lessons

This website, 3actunveiled.com, is dedicated to unveiling the issues inherently related to how we, the collective, have been indoctrinated by our educational, familial and societal systems. As a result, we often review universals life lessons connected to these systems especially those so often negated or rejected in our current culture. Today’s post is just a brief synapsis of those life lessons (based upon Biblical principles) shown and proven to be trUe over and over again throughout my journey in this school called life. The following verse provides the foundation for this post.

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV

The Scream by Edvard Munch

Biblical Life lessons 

Can you hear them now?

You reap what you sow even if one cannot see the outcome immediately. The choices we make in life determine our future and there are always consequences. Both kindness and selfishness comes back to USeventually. Exhibiting love and compassion always pays back to not only the giver but the receiver assuming both parties do not have a hidden agenda or take for granted/advantage of the other.

Pride, greed and lust will get you caught up in situations you’ll regret later. Desperation brings out the worst in people and addictions (gambling, drugs, alcohol or sexual abuse) come with real consequences. Selfishness causes some people to take without giving back, to lie or manipulate without regard for outcomes and to hurt people who have been kind to them.

Money is not inherently evil but the love of it will cause some to make insensitive, hasty or tragic decisions. Money does not guarantee happiness, purpose, love or contentment either. Some rich people have so much money they get bored and feel entitled to treat those with less with indifference and contempt. Some even like to play god even for the sake of sport.

Individuals who do not have money sometimes resort to taking risky chances for obtaining it.  Their reasons for their decisions vary from desperation, addiction to greed but the consequences always follow. It’s a game of Russian roulette where one wins or loses but at what cost.

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Squid Game Lessons

Glass Bridge*Tug Of War*The Squid Game*Red Light, Green Light*Honeycomb Candy*Red Light, Green Light.

It is more prudent to respond not react to situations as they unfold. Your initial emotional reaction tells a lot about your feelings but may not be the most accurate or appropriate response to any situation in the moment. There is a need to slow down your analysis to think about what is really happening. Using your brain can be a better asset than simply using brawn as well. Strategy and team work, when applied correctly, can be much better in some situations.

Be careful who you trust. The fact that trust is earned represents one of the most important and valuable life lessons. People will “unveil” their trUe character and ethics. For example, do they exploit the kindness or naïveté of “others” as a weakness? Are you solid (trUthful, integrity, values, real) or naw?


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Prison Life Lessons

Dedicated to a great teacher, Jay W., for all 
the prison stories containing much wisdom. 


Character matters immensely. Who you really are inside and what you stand for will be revealed by your actions. No one is ALL good or bad but we have certain proclivities that tell a lot about who we claim to be especially when no one is looking. The Yin/Yang factor describes a duality where opposite forces are interconnected creating balance. Therefore, we are both good and bad depending on the circumstance with each choice “unveiling” the authentic US for ALL to see.

After every opportunity to demonstrate your character, positive or negative, there is always an important lesson to be learned. Redemption is possible. We can always CHANGE course if we do not like how our actions represent US. This important decision will impact not only your future but those around you.

There is still hope for humanity. Random acts of kindness and love are demonstrated by everyday people all the time (between family to family, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, prisoner to prisoner etc.). These beautiful earth angels perform good deeds in spite of self interest or outcomes even when sometimes life is harsh. They help to remind all of US that we are here for a much more profound purpose. And remember … there is no new thing under the sun indeed! 

Something’s been said!

The Squid Game, a Netflix series, has ignited a worldwide discussion with 142 million households who watched the program.

Universal life lessons are global and profound!


Updated 11/11/21

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